All About VPN, RDP, and SOCKS For Noobs

All About VPN, RDP, and SOCKS For Noobs

All About VPN, RDP, and SOCKS

All About VPN, RDP, and SOCKS 

Today I am gonna share something about VPN, RDP, and SOCKS.

VPN = It’s necessary so you would encrypt the traffic from your ISP, so the ISP would not know where your connections go. Why it’s important to get one without any logs? Well, because if LE goes to the VPN provider, they would not have anything to give them in exchange.

Now, ofc you cannot be 100% sure that what they write in the privacy policy is true, but again, this is based on a little trust. Always read TOS and privacy policy, because no logs do not always mean ABSOLUTELY no logs. Most of the time it means that they don’t keep browsing logs but most of them keep connection logs (when you connected to the VPN and from what IP – but that won’t be a problem if you trust that they won’t keep the browsing logs, as with only the connection logs LE cannot do anything). So, again, this tool is only to hide your browsing data from your ISP. Remember! Your ISP will know you use a VPN, but then again, that’s not illegal.

RDP = As most of us know its full name, is Remote Desktop Protocol. Basically, what you do, is connect to another

computer, have control over it, enough control to browse the internet, (in most cases) install software, etc.

This is important when are running an operation that needs a static IP (like logging in your bank drop account, or

square account, or venmo account, paypal, etc.) so your account won’t be closed for connecting from too many different locations.

Socks5 = Is a internet protocol that uses a proxy server to bypass your own IP filtering, letting the server you are

connecting to, know that you are in fact located where the socks proxy is located. So if you are from Alabama and you

connect to Paypal through a Socks5 from Arizona, PayPal’s server will read that the connection is from Arizona and not from Alabama.

This is a key factor when working in fraud operations like carding. What’s the difference from the RDP in terms of our operation? Well, socks are very volatile, they can “die” in less than 5 minutes or can live months, but you never know. Normally it’s one-time use, that’s why are way cheaper than an RDP.

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