What’s up.. I’m making this post to ideally get total inquiries addressed truly concerning bank drops. I began checking, had some achievement however wasn’t content with the sucker change, scarcely equaling the initial investment. I at that point changed to dumps and hit.

but not very keen on doing anything fraud-wise in person. So I made my mind up to look into bank drops. I’ve been researching for a little over a month now and have a solid set up I believe, yet haven’t opened one because of my lack of confidence in it going smoothly. I tried to open one yesterday but when it told me what was needed to open an account I didn’t even attempt because I was not prepared enough. To start, I will need a way to fund the drop just to open it.. any recommendations? Would I open lesser security strictly online bank, then connect that drop to the heavy hitter I am trying to open? Also, I will need an ID and my profile didn’t come with scans.. Is there a certain site that can create an actual scan of an ID?




Once the drop is opened i know i have to slowly put clean funds in and out for 5-7 days so it will not get closed, any suggestions here?? Once i have it stable what are some methods that bring in “big” money to the drop?? Basically I am ready to open a BD.. but don’t know where to start and where to go from there..

If anyone could reach out or suggest anything it would be GREATLY appreciated as i am ready to start seeing some green, thank Y’all for reading!!!


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