Carding from e-cards

Carding from e-cards – is that possible?

Using e-cards for carding Often with a prepaid denomination, many modern banks provide a release e-card service. Developed in response to carding – the e-card reduces the risk of fraud if the card information is obtained. A carder, on the other hand, can turn a card into a weapon.

The e-card carding approach, which is uncommon in carding forums, will be explained in this article.

Carding from e-cards
Carding from e-cards

What is the essence of the method and what is it necessary for it?

The essence of the method is to create an e-card tied to an account with funds transferred from the remaining accounts to and out of it through the purchase of things or the transfer. This method requires a bank account and, if possible, the account holder’s data and secret word.

Almost all of this data can be obtained through social engineering. By the way, it is better to let them «idle» – if you successfully received a secret word from the bank owner by means of a fake call, then do not immediately use it. You’d better wait a couple of months before the owner forgets he got a call from the bank recently.

How does it work?

E-card can be created in the bank’s private office without any confirmation. For example, sberbank allows you to have up to 20 such cards, which are created instantly and do not require any special confirmation. CVV is also displayed when creating the card and is duplicated in SMS.

After you create the card, there, in the account, you can transfer funds to it from other accounts. Banks usually do not set limits for transfer between their own accounts, however, but you shouldn’t be greedy – big changes

will be noticed quickly. Transfer funds that are sufficient for the transfer or purchase of things, greed can be destroy you.

What are the minuses?

Usually e-cards have lower limits – about half or a third of the normal limit. However, even this amount may be more than enough for clothing carding. The main thing about this question is not to be greedy – if you transfer about 3,000-4,000 dollars to an electronic card and order several phones at once,

the operation is most likely to cancel and called to the account holder.

Also, in some cases an SMS confirmation is required, however, you can get the confirmation code by social engineering – call the owner and tell him

that there is an error in the bank and you need the code to cancel. Many will not notice the inscription «Do not tell anyone the code» and you will get the necessary data.

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