Carding – Selection of bank.

Carding – Selection of bank.

envision: you’ve chosen to take the case, you need to purchase a Visa. You go to the checking discussion, cautiously examine all the offers, at long last, discover a dealer with great standing and suitable costs… Furthermore, you discover that he’s contribution cards of various banks. You’d think it was something little – why does it matter what you vbiv in?

Carding - Selection of bank.
Carding – Selection of bank.


Actually, there’s a difference. Each bank has its own peculiarities, and it is always necessary to consider which one fits best… Basically, merchants offer cards of four payment systems: Visa, MasterCard, Amex and Discover. A bit more about each payment system:

1.       Visa. Perhaps the most popular and easy to use system. First: Visa is accepted in almost any shop. It is extremely difficult to find a seller who would accept payment by cards and didn’t support this payment. Second: then The main account is always in dollars. This is always a plus when carding in American stores, as you avoid double conversion, which can lead to quite unpleasant consequences. Third: System Verified by Visa.

Initially, it was planned as a protection against unauthorized access to plastic, but many merchants use non-vbv payment – that is, all we need is card data. IF VBV is connected but the owner hasn’t put his own code, it will consist of two parts – the last digits of the SSN (Social Security number) and some data from plastic, for example, the expiry date of the card. The number of the card belonging to Visa starts with the number

2. MasterCard. The second payment is a “universal”, accepted by any merchant. The number starts with “5”. Of the bad moments, one might face the possibility that the account might be in euros. Overall, it can be applied to any shop unless, of course, they are constantly being vbiv up – a greater degree of protection would be available.

3.       Discover. The most pleasant card for professionals. Minuses are usually small balances, as they are most common only in Asia. It is rarely taken by shops. But at the same time it is possible to change the owner’s data with one call, to remove limits and to make a lot of “pleasant” actions for the carder. The first numeral is “6”.

4.       AmEx. American system. Perhaps the most “unpleasant” system, since it is very easy to get a financial limit or to get to the request for additional confirmation with the code. At the same time, it has quite good balances and almost never is protected by a region-lock. If you see “3” at first, you are dealing with American Express.

From all of the above it becomes clear that the bank that issued the card is not a small point at all, and, next time when you will be purchase at the carding forum, take this fact into account.

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