Free Amazon method 2022 by alphabanklog

Free Amazon method 2022 by alphabanklog

Free Amazon method 2022 by alphabanklog
Free Amazon method 2022 by alphabanklog

Free Amazon method 2022

Hello, this is PLAYERTRIG, this is the current method I personally have for Amazon. And saw at least two – three people who were looking for something like this, I was going to charge for it but right now I’m trying to get a higher ranking on this site. So possibly posting this will help with that. Okay, to the Amazon Carding Method. I have a better working method for sure purchases to go through however it will cost you.

#1. Create a GMAIL account, you could make others however I find its faster to get things when signing up for a site when creating a GMAIL account. If for some reason you already have more then one account with GMAIL, go to your chrome and open a guest tab. Create your email from there. If you are using a FULLZS or CC, create the email in that information. Example; ‘’ etc. If you use your own email for this account it won’t be very good, = it would look odd/weird.

#2. Obviously make the amazon account (either .com for USA, .ca for Canada) (I’m not sure what it is for other countries).

#3. Attach the CC to the Amazon account. You should know how to do this by now, but if you don’t please take your time to figure it out.

#4. DO NOT BUY from Amazon right away, ESPECIALLY not a email gift card. Let’s say you create an account to purchase a $500 gift card, or buy more than 1 high balanced gift card. Your order might go through however you will more then likely get declined order and notification in your email account.

#5. Create your item’s WishList’s. What I did was basically create to WishList’s (one public one, and one private one) of future item’s I wanted to purchase. Add things to this wish list, remove things. Scroll around amazon for a while, create different wish list’s. (Sometimes on different bitcoin places like Local Bitcoins, and PAXFUL etc) you will get someone who says ‘purchase of amazon wish list’ in exchange for bitcoin so in the future you could consider becoming something like that as well).

#6. Log out of Amazon, or even better leave the computer/laptop ALONE. The more activity you are able to get with the account the better, after all you want the carding to go through.

#7. After a couple hours and or the next day, log into your account. If you are purchasing a big ticket item (Like a MacBook, Apple Product, Gaming PC etc) it would be best to stick like little items. Especially item’s that don’t cost as heavily as those do. Add the product of your desire to the card, go back to your settings.

#8. Within your setting’s, make sure the email address is the one in the name of your CC holder. Also make sure that your card is attached (if you didn’t attach it to the account already, go to the beginning and attach the card). Head to your check out.

#9. If you are buying more than one item for first time carding, please consider purchasing only ONE item for the first time.

Check out sites in your area, (I am only aware of a couple USA and Canada sites, so do your research if you live outside of those). This will give you a spot for an address without exposing your real address. Aka putting yourself in danger. These are sites you can use, and then once they receive the package, they ship it to you!. (Without contacting amazon!) ;) (USA) (MY FAVORITE) (Shop USA stores, and have it shipped to Canada!) (USA Site) (USA) (Offers different countries I believe)

Replace the account’s address with one of these addresses!. When your item purchases goes through remember to re – double check your address. (Its always to be safe rather than sorry).

After you purchased one item and have them shipped to you. Consider purchasing physical gift cards instead of e gift cards. You could purchase e gift cards but after your item has gone through there’s a chance it could be dead. As long as you take precaution don’t be afraid to card Amazon.

Again, this is a tutorial, a free tutorial so this information will be helpful especially to newbies. HOWEVER if you want to ensure your item goes through and will be delivered that method would cost you around $55. In the paid method I’ll go through a walk through with you. I will screen record my desktop (make a video of my desktop as I do the steps) and you will be given this video. You will also see that the order goes through within this video. Socks will be explained, including how to check your anonymity.

For the first eleven people I will lower the price of the full TUTORIAL to $40. So if you are interested including gaining a free CC/FULLZS (I will send photo of FULLZS/CC information you will get from me once you purchase this tutorial). This information (CC) will be what you use for your Amazon Carding.

Hope you liked this post by the way, I will post it in online carding as well. Please like this post if you can, it would help me out. Thanks!. ​


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