Free Western Union Method

WU Method

Free Western Union Method

1 A complete background check of the cardholder…This is important

Q&A) This is because if you are going to try and transfer anything over $100 dollars USD they will ask you various questions such as your previous address, Social security number, Date of birth, Mothers maiden name, your middle name is, what bank issued you your credit card, etc. In order to get that kind of information you will need to go to a site like people finders dot com and it costs about $60 for the information you might need for western union.

Free Western Union Method
Free Western Union Method


2. Phone spoofer/voice changer

3. Call forwarding service

4. Internet phone service

Vital Points: Some things I would like to point out is that first check and make sure the card you are going to use is valid. Also, to get spoofing service for Caller ID/voice changer I recommend using spoof card Dotcom and the call forwarding service I use is access line dot com.

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