Hackers stole data from 540 thousand sports judges and representatives of sports leagues

Hackers stole data from 540 thousand sports judges and representatives of sports leagues.

Hackers stole data from 540 thousand sports.

The sports league software vendor could fend off the ransomware attack, but the hackers managed to steal sensitive data.

Hackers stole data


ArbiterSports, a sports league software company, reported a security incident affecting 540,000 registered members, including sports referees and senior representatives from sports leagues and schools.

In particular, ArbiterSports is the official software provider for the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), an American collegiate sports association

that includes more than 1.2 thousand organizations that organize sports competitions in colleges and universities in the United States and Canada.

According to the ArbiterSports notification, the company managed to repel a ransomware attack in July of this year. Although the attackers failed to encrypt her systems, they could still steal the backup files.

The backups contained data from the ArbiterGame, ArbiterOne, and ArbiterWorks web applications used by sports leagues and schools to appoint

and manage schedules for referees and officials. As a result of the incident, attackers stole the data of users who registered in the applications above, including their

usernames, real names, passwords, homes, email addresses, dates of birth, and social security numbers.

After ArbiterSports managed to repel the ransomware attack, the attackers contacted her and demanded a ransom for

deleting the files they had stolen. The company paid the required amount and received confirmation from cybercriminals that the data had indeed been deleted. True, there is no guarantee that the attackers did not keep copies of the stolen data for themselves.

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