Highly Detailed Ways To Stay Anonymous

Highly Detailed Ways To Stay Anonymous

Ways To Stay Anonymous

Hello Members! In this thread, I will be talking about ways to be anonymous from my knowledge!
This thread will help a lot of you noobs!
You can put all these ways together at once and you will be 98% anonymous while hacking and doing blackhat activity…
This whole guide is written by me. also, every piece of it is to my knowledge. I can guarantee I’m 100% right Yeye
I don’t condone any blackhat activity.
Ways To Stay Anonymous

1. VPN that DOES NOT keep any logs!

I think MullVad VPN is best as it doesn’t keep logs and it’s very cheap and fast!

Can’t beat that…
A VPN will make sure you are secure while hacking online.
It hides your IP address and makes sure you can’t be tracked.
But a VPN isn’t the ONLY thing you should use while blackhat hacking or trying to protect yourself.
You should use other tools too to remain 99.9%!
I recommend only buying a VPN with Bitcoin so the payment cant is traced.

2. Proxychains on a Linux system like Kali Linux or Tails

You should use proxychains to stay anonymous with everything else added too.
you can get proxies by scraping or grabbing them.

I highly recommend buying a list of 25 “PRIVATE” socks5 proxy servers.
Private ones don’t keep logs but if you get free ones that do keep logs then only connect to the proxy if you have your VPN on that doesn’t have logs.
I recommend making your own proxy grabber that will only grab elite proxies that are mostly all alive.
If you can’t code your own then you should use netghost to get proxies. It runs on windows but you can always upload it to a file-sharing site and get it on your own linux system. The proxy chains location on Kali Linux is /etc/proxychains.conf [Command is “leafpad /etc/proxychains.conf”. Add proxies there.

3. Tails to keep anonymous

You can use all the anonymous tips above on a Tails system also.
Make sure to run tails off a live USB or DVD. It will ensure more anonymity.
You can use tor with tails too so it will make you more hidden.
Not much to say with tails.

4. Virtual Machines

You can stack virtual machines on top of each other with tails. Then use everything else to hide.
Once you do something really illegal then delete all data and be gone.
You can also use CCleaner to clean all logs on the system.
Even delete the VM iso file and re-download on a different IP.

5. Coffee Shops And Such

You can use a Raspberry PI connected to public wifi.
Make sure to stay off property and go like across the street while connected.
Use all the stuff above while at the open wifi.
You will remain anonymous!

6. CCleaner

You can use CCleaner to delete all system logs and also just all types of data
It will clean everything out of your PC then after you use CCleaner make sure to reinstall it again (Not really needed just an extra layer).

7. Browser Windows

If your using chrome or any other browser on the earth then make sure not to maximize your browser window!
While using any browser like Tor, Firefox, Chrome or others make sure to keep it small.
People can track you by your browser window!
Keep safe!

8. MAC Address

Change your mac address so you can’t be tracked using tools like macchanger on any Linux op.
Your mac address can also be used to get a location on your PC.
Make sure to do this too.

9. Webcam

Make sure to tape your webcam so none of our fellow Policemen or any other person can see you can get pictures.
Short one XD
That’s it for this one guy lol.
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