How to check a cc and not kill it Gurantteed 100%

How to check a cc and not kill it Guaranteed 100%

How to check a cc and not kill it

How to check a cc

One of the problems most online carders face every day is checking cc’s.
Most shop checkers are f**ked up it kills cc’s just like some other online checkers.
The list can go on and on and on well I got a way to share with you today.

NOTE: this method is not for checking the CC billing address it is for only CCN n EXP DATE.

Here is what u will need a VoIP or simple skype account you will be used to calling.

The magic # is +18005225633 yh it is a USA TOLL-free # so with skype you don’t need to have credit.

STEP 1. CALL de # +18005225633.

You will hear a sexy gurl’s voice talking Bla bla bla.

Just start by entering ur CCN and she will stop talking automatically.

After completion of entering ur CCN

It will tell u to enter de EXPIRATION DATE of the card

eg: if cc exp is JAN 2013 you enter 01 13

She will then tell you to wait whiles they validate your card.

NOTE: If cc is LIVE you will hear something like( Thank you for calling, we really appreciate ur business, since u are a 1st-time caller we would like to connect you with 1 of our very own sexy Bla bla bla) just hang up if u hear the ( thank you for calling ) cause the rest isn’t necessary.

BUT if the cc is dead you will hear something ( Ohh I’m sorry please re-enter ur credit card number now. )

You can repeat tut over and over and over again as many times as u want whenever.

Note: You will need a gd internet connection for skype calls.

Happy carding
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