How To Crack Accounts! (Netflix, Spotify, etc…)

How To Crack Accounts! (Netflix, Spotify, etc…)

How To Crack Accounts! (Netflix, Spotify, etc...)
How To Crack Accounts! (Netflix, Spotify, etc…)


Hey Guys!

It’s your fellow pancake coming back
with a tutorial on how to crack accounts
such as Netflix, Emails, Spotify, and many more!!

Things You Need
-Sentry MBA
-Config File
-Combo File
-Fresh Proxies
All Download links will be at the bottom of this thread


1.) Download Sentry MBA, A Combo file, A Config File, and Proxy scrapper (Links at the bottom of the thread) and open up Sentry MBA.

[Image: CgCS5BiUkAEYQA1.jpg:large]

2.) Now go to the Settings tab, then press General, then go to the Snap Shot section on the bottom left and press Load Settings From Snap Shot to load your Config file.

[Image: CgCS7h8UAAAeSad.jpg:large]

(Be sure when you choose your Config file to change file settings to all files because configs are mostly .txt files now-days)

[Image: CgCS9zqUAAIEpbd.jpg:large]

3.) Now you are going to load your Proxy list. You are going to go to the tools tab and click on Proxylist. when you get there, you are going to click the folder like icon and choose your Proxylist, which should be a .txt file.

[Image: CgCTAQiUEAE4iAc.jpg:large]

4.) Now you are going to import your Combo list, right under the Proxylist tab, there is a Wordlist tab, click it. and go to the top left box which says Wordlist and click folder like icon and choose your Combo list. it should be also a .txt file.

[Image: CgCTEBlUAAEBX6R.jpg:large]

5.) You are now ready to start cracking accounts! now click the Progression tab and on the top left bar, choose how many bots you want to run at a time, which means how many accounts cracking at a time. I suggest to users to use 50-100 bots to not have a program lag or crash. But then click the lightning bolt on the top right to start cracking!

[Image: CgCTG7xVIAAbu3e.jpg:large]

6.) Now you play the waiting game.. its a long game but it works. When you get a account, it will be in the hits tab on the bottom of the program and ones that haven’t paid yet will most likely be in the To Check tab on the bottom of the program.

Thank you for reading this thread! if you have Questions or Concerns, please post on this thread.


Download Links
Sentry MBA: Click Here!
Proxy Scrapper: Click Here!
Combo & Configs: PM me to know where to get Combos & Configs.


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