How to order from cracked Amazon accounts

How to order from cracked Amazon accounts

Order from cracked Amazon accounts

order from cracked Amazon accounts


Step 1

How to order from cracked Amazon accounts

So there’s a possibility when you bought a cracked Amazon and you try to log in, you need to have more personal info about the owner. You need to answer SQ questions. If the seller doesn’t give the details to you, you always can get them by logging into. Then you go to ‘My account’, ‘shipping addresses’, Then you pick the information you need for the account.

Step 2

Now you are successfully logged into the Amazon account, I recommend NOT changing any of the account details, this is due to the owner can see if you change an e-mail/password. Most of the time the account will get recovered by the owner if you do that. Then you check the account for decent orders.
It depends on what you want, if you want a specific item, you can refund the order with the value the item you want haves. If the account has an order you want, you can replace it. I’ll come back on how to later in this tutorial.

So if you found order with the value you want to refund to the Giftcard balance, you can contact an Amazon refunder to refund the order too Gift card balance

If you find an order that you want to replace, you can do it yourself or contact any Amazon refunder.

Step 3

So, you refunded the order then what?
This is one of the methods I used a lot and succeed almost every time.
First, you make a FRESH new Amazon account with your personal details. Then you find the order you want to buy with the cracked Acc’s Gift card balance. If you found the item you want, you add it to a ‘wishlist’
Then you log in to the cracked account, and you paste the link from the wishlist you made. and you buy it.
And I have a little tip before ordering. Be sure the cracked account has prime, so you can use 1-day shipping at the checkout.

And also make sure this hour counter is around 1 hour or less before you order it. This is because the owner has less time to cancel it. Items usually ship at 3-4 pm on working days.

What about Transfering gift cards?

As far as I know, it is impossible in the UK.
I’ve heard from some people that it’s possible on .COM.

What about buying digital goods/games.

It hardly succeeds, most of the time when you try to order something digital the account will get locked.
But it is possible, I succeed a couple of times. If you try it, use a VPN from the country the owner is from

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