Carding. Introduction.

Carding. Introduction.

Carding. Introduction. «Carding». A word that some people associate with easy money, some with illegal activities followed by mandatory punishment, and for some it’s just an abstract concept that gives the image of a mysterious hacker managing financial flows. Each of these positions coincides with reality, but only partially.


Carding is just a form of bank card fraud without the knowledge of its owner. And the key issue here is not access to data, as it might seem, but how to use it. Several types of carding can be distinguished:

1.  Clothing. The most common and popular method is that, according to the balance on card, something is purchased in online stores, after which the good is resold for a fraction of the amount. The scheme is quite easily scaled up and generates a very good income, but requires preparation for realization.

2.  Online. The victim’s card money is simply transferred to your accounts or bank accounts. However, due to a number of technical aspects, it is not possible to transfer money directly – as a result, it is necessary to find bypass ways for «laundering» of the received finances.

3.  Offline. This is the most difficult way to implement – a duplicate of a bank card is created, after which the contents are removed from it either through ATMs or, again, through the purchase of goods in shops.

4.  Sales of data. You have access to bank card information in various ways, and then sell it to carding forums.

I think it has already become obvious to you that such activity is not a button «money». In order to make a serious income, you have to invest a lot of time and effort, and furthermore, you need to have money for start-up. Not necessarily that everything will work out from the first, second, fifth times – many factors can lead to unsuccessful attempts than that will only bring losses.

«But it is illegal activity, I will be found and imprisoned!» – you can also think. Yeah, if your turnover is already billing thousands of dollars, and you’re not concerned about your own safety, there may be legal problems. But if you think about your anonymity, and you build up the chain of actions in the scheme, and you don’t make mistakes, the risks are almost zero. 

Do you need any special knowledge, then a deep understanding of the system, or social engineering skills? No. All you need is a clear understanding of the basics of the field you work in. However, the more narrow themes you understand, the better – just new ways will be opened for you to realize different schemes. 

So, to sum up briefly. Can you really make money on a carding? Yeah. Can you get easy money by doing almost nothing? No. Is it difficult to understand? No, just perseverance.

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