How do criminals buy large quantities of burner phones?

How do criminals buy large quantities of burner phones?

How do criminals buy large quantities of burner phones? The same way everybody else does: They buy them at a store.

Actually, multiple stores across a wide area or several states , if possible.


Purchasing from a single retailer increases the chances that your phones will be tracked back
to that store and the police or feds will simply stake out that store or obtain video of you
(or your subordinates) making the purchases of the phones.

The same goes for buying them from a single wholesaler. There’s an additional problem that
comes when the wholesaler is confronted by the authorities and is “compelled” to provide you
with either a “cloned phone” (a phone held by the authorities that shows your activity on the
phone that you have) or even a bugged one.
Bulk purchases attract attention. If a single person buys too many phones, the retailer or
wholesaler might contact the police themselves and report this.

Buying large quantities of phones and transporting them is not illegal. However, if you are
seen leaving a store with dozens of phones and you are stopped by the police, you might be
questioned about this. While that may not cause them to detain or arrest you, you will have
unfortunately now come up on their radar.
If you are depending upon a single source, then if your source runs out phones, your plans may
go awry.

It’s usually done by sending out a group of people to buy 3 or 4 at a time from different
stores in different areas and city’s from where they will be used , usually Tracfone’s for
$9.99 (the cheaper the phone the better) BC you don’t want the phone to do ANYTHING but make
outgoing and receive incoming calls. No Texting!! If the phone by chance has a camera on it
cover it with a dot of tape.

The phones are then activated from a PC with a untraceable ip address or from a land line that
also has no connection to you. Then the phones are handed out to people in your network. then The phones
are usually disassembled and the Sim card and phone are destroyed (Hence Burned) after the
time runs out and the process starts all over.

Note: people associate these phones with drug dealing and criminal activity.While this is true
there are people who go through these lengths as means of protecting they’re privacy. Some
people (especially older and wealthy people) do not like that we live in such an information
era. Keep in mind there was no internet before 1995 and it’s scary knowing some hacker may be
following your every move and listening to your private conversations. I know millionaires who
carry $10 Tracfone’s only. So burners are not just limited to illegal activity.

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