About what the card number can tell?

About what the card number can tell?

About what the card number can tell? Most of the carding is built on plastic cards. Without them, it would not have been possible to transfer so much, to buy things in the shops, and there would not have been all the carding forums.

In this article, I’ll tell you about the number of the card and what it can tell you. Of course, this information won’t do the carder much good, but it’s good to know more about the bank you’re dealing with.

How is the number formed?

The card number is a combination of BIN, the card holder’s personal account and a random number that is encoded using encrypted algorithms. 

BIN – the first 6 digits of the card. These are the code marks of the bank in the payment system – Visa or Mastercard. For each bank in each payment system they are unique, issued by the payment system and secured by the bank.

A personal account is generated when a bank account is opened and linked to a single card. It will be unique for each individual card. This account is also included in the settlement account, information(about transfers) from which is referred to the tax service. The personal account is between 7 and 15.

What’s that tell us?

The main thing for us is BIN, because the rest of the information can not help us in work. Here BIN and its verification will help you to find out to which bank the card is purchased and

make sure that you will work with the bank you need.

BINs databases, or bank identifiers, have long been publicly available. You can either ask her at the Carding Forum, or search the number directly in the search engine – almost all the information is open.

This allows you to select a card of the exact bank you need for your work, because often sellers have mistakes or

deliberate deception. And it can be quite critical – if you buy a card from an American bank, and you get a card

from the Czech Republic or Moldova in exchange, you lose a lot of opportunities.

Besides, the BIN card is almost always public information – it falls under open digits in a typical «mask» of the card that the seller can show you. It usually opens the first six digits and the last four digits.


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