How to transfer money properly

How to transfer money properly

How to work with bank accounts?

How to transfer money properly …Bank accounts meet at least as often as cards. In part, it is easier to get them – bruted only an account rather than the card itself, which in many cases is more difficult. Almost every carding forum has many different offers to sell bank accounts of German, English and American banks. However, it is necessary to be able to work with them, and this skill manifests itself even by choosing an account.

This article will highlight the main features of working with bank accounts and will give an introduction to newbies who are just beginning to use carding as a source of income.

Choose your accounts carefully

Accounts shouldn’t have TANs, MagicWords or other types of code words – if a bank uses them, you probably won’t succeed. Also, it is advisable to select the accounts of those banks that have drop accounts.Also, it is advisable

to select the accounts of those banks that have drops account. This’ll save you time and increase your chances of successful withdrawal in the next stages. 

It is also necessary to choose inactive accounts. Keep in mind that sellers rarely offer such a service, however, even then it is necessary to remember that sellers can be wrong and the account owner can log in. But even if you get an active account, it’s not that bad.

Also, it is better to pay attention to accounts with a big balance – it makes it possible to avoid problems with quick statement by the cardholder and cancellation of the transaction. 

Look for a drop in the same bank

This is one of the main conditions for rapid and successful transfer. Intra-bank transfers attract less attention, are instantaneous and often have higher limits. Using a single bank makes transfer more successful. For this reason, it is better to find the drop first, and then select the accounts after. 

Don’t exceed the limit and try not to approach it

Limits are set for all bank accounts. The limit for one operation is usually around $1,000-2,000, which isn’t bad for a single transfer. However, on amounts close to the limit, bank employees are likely to pay attention to the transaction and it is best not to be greedy. 

Feel free to call the bank after the transaction

If you can call to the bank, fake voice and say that yes, the transaction is correct – it’ll be a huge plus, because so you lull the bank. But don’t forget to falsify your voice – consider the gender, age and other factors that are available to you.


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