The transfer in carding – what is it and what is it dangerous?

Transfers The point of carding is to transfer funds from other people’s bank cards in order to earn money. The sphere itself appeared with the advent of bank cards and with the advent of the Internet became even more extensive.

The main headache of the carder is the withdrawal of funds – the banks are actively fighting the carders,

and various schemes are filled with all the carding forums. One method is to transfer money directly or indirectly to bank cards, from where it is withdrawn in cash or transferred to other systems. Essentially, this method of obtaining funds is the simplest, but also the most dangerous. In this article we will look at it in more detail.

How transfer is conducted

Transfer can be conducted in several ways. The simplest is direct transfer from an alien card to its own or drop card. However, this method is a direct path to the «paws» of the law enforcement, since you do not protect your personal data in any way. If the drop is used, the situation is the same. Money from him is usually received in the amount of 40-60%, through some blockchain system.

However, even then, blockchain systems are no longer so anonymous, and there are many ways to deanonymize the input and output purse.

More advanced circuits include multiple card transfers and blockchain of purses using mixers, but in any case the drop suffers in this situation. And often very seriously.

In some cases it is possible to pay in advance – in this case, the drop usually returns about 20-30 per cent of the amount.

Is there any way to protect yourself?

There are schemes with extremely long remittance chains that aim to lose track. Often, however, they also remain unsafe – the withdrawal map can be traced even if the transfers were

made through dozens of bitcoin purses. Maximum security is possible only by using second-generation bitcoin mixers, in which people themselves perform mixing and separation. However, it is not a fact that in such a system there is no person interested in your data.

Besides, almost all modern exchangers have antifraud protection – simply through them money with another’s credit card will not come out. Thus, direct transfer remains the domain of those dropes that have nothing to lose.


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