O365-Attack-Toolkit – A Toolkit To Attack Office365

aO365-Attack-Toolkit – A Toolkit To Attack Office365

o365-attack-toolkit  allows operators to perform an OAuth phishing attack and later on use the Microsoft Graph API to extract interesting information.
Some of the implemented features are :

  • Extraction of keyworded e-mails from Outlook.
  • Creation of Outlook Rules.mplemented features are :Extraction of keyworded e-mails from Outlook.
  • Extraction of files from OneDrive/Sharepoint.
  • Injection of macros on Word documents.


The toolkit also consists of several components
Phishing endpoint
The phishing endpoint is responsible for serving the HTML file that also performs the OAuth token phishing.
Backend services
Afterward, the token will be used by the backend services to perform the defined attacks.
Management interface
The management interface can also be utilized to inspect the extracted information from the Microsoft Graph API.
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