Cardable Jewelry, Watches, Gold Site

Cardable Jewelry, Watches, Gold Site

Cardable Jewelry Watches Gold Site


Category: Jewelry/Watches/Gold
Difficulty: Moderate
System: Stripe (non-vbv) or Check Payment

Needed Data

1. Clean Socks5
2. US Drop Address
3. US Phone Number
4. US CC (non-avs recommended)
5. Clean Email​


1. Add your items into cart, try to stay under $7500 USD for the first order.
2. Enter real billing and your shipping, email matching billing. Have IP matching billing. (Or for higher success, use a non-avs card and do bill=ship)
3. Checkout through either Stripe’s Card Payment or Check Payment. It’s better to use a non-avs card or if you don’t have print a check and send.
4. Once order been completed, they can ask for supporting documents, most common with the check payment option. If you use bill=ship with a non-avs, normally no documents.
5. Happy Carding!​



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