Hello friends, as you all know, the role of botnet and ddos, which we talked about in the internet industry, is very big.

With the power of 500gbit, I serve you as a rental also if you want to buy it completely.
It is forbidden to use arbitrary. It should be used for illegal illegal sites.

What can you do with botnet and ddos?

can close web sites and game servers,
you can hit your site with botnet,
You can increase your competitor’s ads to high balances with botnet,
by doing anti-seo, they can also make them fall from google,
you can also increase the number of visitors of your own website and put it on the top of google,

and you can also keep your target site closed for days.

You can have both ddos and botnet to be divided into two as botnet and ddos for sale and rent.
You can also buy …

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