Filpkart Carding method 2021

Filpkart Carding method 2021

Filpkart Carding method

Requirement For Flipkart Carding:

Step To Step Guide On Flipkart :-

1. Firstly you need a Credit card, buy it from any online cc shop or me (please don’t come noobs)

Tips – Use Only Candian Non-VBN CC like 403276,446547,519493

2. Clear you browser history and Now create an account on Flipkart using cc owner details ( Make sure you use Socks 5 of same address as cc owner )

3. Now add any large product above 45k inr in your cart and add a small product of 1-2k inr

4. Log out your Account and log in again after 2 hours ( Make sure socks5 will be always connected while doing all these )

5. Now delete product of 45k from your cart and order 1-2k product on COD ( Cash On Delivery )

6. Now log out your account again and login after 30 min and order that product that you want to buy.

7. Pay the amount using Credit card

8. Shipping address will be yours and billing address will be CC Owner

9. Finally, Pay the Amount using CC Details

10. Yipee! You will get your product.

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