An actual good OpSec tutorial

An actual good OpSec tutorial

An actual good OpSec tutorial

So this tutorial will be just about keeping your IP very well hidden from 3 letter alphabet agencys. Ofc your actual opsec skills will need to be good (disinfo, temp emails etc)​

This is the fastest and most reliable way to remain anonymous from 3 Letter agencys (I doubt you will need to unless your hacking the planet lulz)​

HostOS VPN > VM+VPN>VM INSIDE THAT VM+VPN>RDP or just 3 VPN Chains will do + tor if you want. I like to throw in the RDP depending what I’m doing.​

And if your managing a massive darknet market or forum ex.) darkode (before it was seized) or w/e SSH into the VPS your hosting the market/forum on from a seperate VPS you either rooted or paid for with a throwaway XMR​

wallet. And connect to your VPS your hosting the site from the throwaway VPS and utilize the tor socks feature. ex.) torsocks [email protected]1​

Utilize the VPN killswitch feature also so if one of your VPNs drop your not leaking packets (Mullvad,Cryptostorm,PIA etc)​

And for fuck sake do not talk about illegal shit on a forum like this or on a insecure messaging platform like discord, telegram, facebook or w/e.​

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