Stop Thinking Like a Criminal. You Might Find Success in Fraud

Stop Thinking Like a Criminal. You Might Find Success in Fraud

Stop Thinking Like a Criminal

So I made a couple of bank drops for some person in another city. He has been on my rear end asking me a wide range of idiotic inquiries. What amount did you put on it? Did you speed up the charge card? Buddy, it requires a day or all the more at times to get endorsed. Get tf away from me.

I realized that a lot of people who do crime were never real people before. They’ve never applied for anything. They just chased fast money and totally skipped the normal people shit. A lot of us, myself included, were drug dealers before. Drugs are fast money, so when we switch over to fraud we think it’s gonna be the same deal. It can be, but not over night.

I think the reason I was prematurely successful at loans is because I’ve actually applied for loans in my real life so I knew what documents and information I needed. Carding, of course, is another ballgame with a different learning curve that I’m just starting to get over and actually making some money at it.

But even in that I think, what do I normally do when I order something online? It sits in my damn cart for days or weeks before I check out. I put shit in and out of my cart.

I compare things. I google a promo code and enter that to get a discount. I might sign up for emails for future deals. I don’t check out as a guest, I make an account to follow the progress of my order. I wait for confirmation email instead of checking it a million times on the site.

How many of you have entered promo codes in before you check out while carding an item? I’m thinking a few. The vast majority probably have not.

You’re not carding an item or making a fake web shop or applying for a fake loan.
You’re using YOUR card to purchase a birthday present. You’re opening YOUR t-shirt shop. You’re applying for a loan to consolidate YOUR debt. You’re not a cyber criminal. You’re a legit card holding taxpaying citizen.


Carding is repetitive. People seem to think that’s the golden grail when it really isn’t. Unless you have the resources. The capacity for loss. Many who come to me seem to think I want to teach them carding when I found other things that I felt were easier to me.

Thanks for this post. It was well said & on point.

Repetitive is the perfect description. I admit I’m new to this world and in the beginning I thought it was the holy grail as well. Now it’s just something I do in between aging my drops and building fullz for loans. I’ll also admit that I’ve hinted to people that I would teach them if they paid me. But when you’re busy making money you don’t have time to teach. If only they knew there isn’t much to learn as far as cards go.


After reading this, I start thinking I’m not normal lol
When I normally shop online I’m doing the exact opposite of what you state. But maybe it’s just me.

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