Carding wikipedia

Carding wikipedia

Carding wikipedia

In this article we will answer the question

“What is happening here? What is carding?” .

Hi guys. To begin with, carding means earning with the help of other people’s funds. Working with banks, paying with someone else’s card turns into the income of a card.

How will other people’s money become yours?

Depends on the selected method.

The most common methods:

Clothing Carding

I advise you to start with it. The bottom line: buying goods for other people’s money and selling this product. You can earn a card for yourself in your country and sell it, or go on an easier way working with people who buy goods for 30-50% of its value.

Real carding

Have you guessed? In this method, the carder puts on a coat and goes to the ATM to get real money. How? Through a special technique, which is not difficult to find, or working with software gets access to an ATM. Also cashed by shopping in stores. Bought a couple of apples, sold, etc. Mostly work in Europe / USA.

Hotels, plane tickets

How to relax carders? Buy from other flights and hotels in resort countries for a symbolic percentage of the cost. Rest is risky and there were cases when deciding to save money, ordered from inexperienced carders who drive СС directly (credit card) could not return back. In this case, you need to have cash, with which you can pay for the hotel / airline ticket.

Cashing through accounts

We throw money on the account and try to cash out. What accounts? Most often they work with poker clients, replenishing the balance and carefully losing funds to the lead accounts. Another fairly simple example is the work with game accounts: steam, origin, etc.

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