Unlimited Remit Drops to australian bank cashed to btc. Spammer wanted.




***Ideally we are looking for a spammer or somebody else who gets there own
logins/cvv/fullz with the ability to create there own scampages to move onto
the next cashout/country as time goes on***

We have the ability to provide our international friends with unlimited Australian
physical bank drops for remit transfers from overseas.

Australia is a first world country and you will not run into the same problems when
attempting to send funds to countries that clearly indicate your money laundering,
scamming or terrorism.

Ideally, your transfers would be lower value high qty however we most likely can
accommodate larger remits/transfers if this is desirable.

20-40 drops per day cashed out is entirely possible with the ability to recreate them
as we go if they die in the process.

We have tested and used this method ourselves for along time, funds are cashed
out directly to BTC.

If you are a professional in this game and can send funds from overseas by any
means possible then you should message us for more information.

Key is UNLIMITED, usually, your drops get limited by the number of debits that can
be picked up but this is not a limiting factor for us.

We currently cannot transfer funds to them domestically ourselves.


We don’t particularly care how you put money into the drop just as long as it can
be done however super high success % is not necessary.

Just message us if you would like to know more about how it all works but everything
is cashed out relatively quickly to BTC and then we can do it all again tomorrow.


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