Intercepting Files in Wireshark From alphabanklog

Intercepting Files in Wireshark From alphabanklog

Intercepting Files in Wireshark

Go to Wireshark and open the file with previously intercepted FTP traffic.

Intercepting Files in Wireshark

Next, go to the TCP stream. Right click on the first package. Follow-> TCP Stream, that is, to put together the entire session:

We get this:

Here we will see a window that reflects all FTP commands and responses that were transmitted in this session. Pay attention to the sites mentioning * .zip file. This is clearly what we are looking for.

  • SIZE OS Fingerprinting with – request file size.
  • RETR OS Fingerprinting with – server response.
  • 610078 bytes – file size

This file interested us. Now try to find it. Left-click on the RETR-package and get to this place (do not forget to clear the filter strip from the top):

We are looking for the nearest FTP-DATA package. Who did not know, FTP-DATA is once again intended for transferring data and files via the FTP protocol.

On this package, right-click. Follow-> TCP Stream.

We get a conclusion in the form of a zagogulin. We see Show and save data as. Choose RAW. We get this:

Poke on Save as … We fall into the save dialog box. Save the file

Close Wireshark.

Open the archive and see:

You are now familiar with one of the main ways to search for information in the TCP traffic dump.

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