Monetizing RAT/ Keylogger /Stealer tools [100% Working]

Monetizing RAT/ Keylogger /Stealer tools [100% Working]

Monetizing RAT/ Keylogger

I am going to tell you how to make Heavy, mad sweet cash with your RAT & keyloggers
This is not the hacking Bank Account login stuff.
I will be breif…the smart guys will understand it.

Only hack online traders…e.g Alibaba sellers and all other kind of sellers…it does not matter what they sell.

Monetizing RAT/ Keylogger /Stealer tools [100% Working]
Monetizing RAT/ Keylogger /Stealer tools [100% Working]

Lets start.

1) Compose a message that you are interested in their products and spam as much as u can.

2) Send your RAT/ Stealer/ Keylogger to all that replies your enquiry. believe me that everyone u sent the message will reply.

3) After you made them your slave, get their working email & pass…i mean the email they transact with.

4) Sit back and monitor their transactions everyday…they trade every day so if you have 10 slaves, everyday one of them must have a payment transaction.

5) immediately you see that the seller has sent the PI for payment to the Buyer, download the PI sent and change the Bank information to yours & resend it to the buyer with the seller’s email that the previous Account has a problem, and to avoid complications with the buyer’s payment, he should pay to the newly provided account.

Make sure to only send the buyer messages with the seller’s email…but change the reply-to to your email which should look identical to your email…A lot of email sending software do this.

6) After payment is made by the buyer to your provided account…go and collect your cash


I can start helping from NO5. above

when you see the PI for payment…contact me on yahoo chat…just buzz me that there is a payment…I will give you a Bank account to put in the PI…It is going to be a Chinese account I will give you…so make sure to include in the message you send to the buyer that that is your company(seller) branch in china…china is where most the online traders get their goods..even if the seller is not in china…believe me…they got china to connect so the buyer is not alerted in anyway cos ur message came from a sellers email address containing all previous conversations.

Send me the Payment Confirmation slip immediately after the buyer sends it to you and tells you the payment is made…always request for the payment confirmation slip…and when the money will be receivable…it usually takes 2 days…i receive the money & I send you 40% of the cash cos I also have a partner & we split the 60%

I will only help receive a payment that is above 10,000 USD or Euros…if it is a million…I still can get it out.
If you think you are interested…PM me…we can discuss beta.

Thx for reading.


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