Questions about writing dumps

Questions about writing dumps

Questions about writing dumps

Okay we are using an MSR605x:

1. Before we do anything we want to make sure the data on the settings is correct. There are lots of settings like raw data, user data, BPI on the tracks, etc. so could you clarify what settings we are to use when writing on to a card?

2. There are lots of mixed guides online telling us how to write track 1 and track 2 on to a blank card. One of them will say “add this then 10 zeros, then _ then finish with 6 zeros”. Then another will say to just copy track 2 on to track 1 and add a name? Want to clarify which is right because when we buy dumps some of them don’t come in that format so we’re kind of lost on which is the right way to do it.


Questions about writing dumps
Questions about writing dumps


3. When i read my own real card the data the MSR output was encrypted and not in the normal format that dumps come in. However when i copied and pasted the encrypted data to a blank card. I was able to use this card like my real bank card.

So is there a way to decrypt dumps? I have never seen an encrypted dump for sale?

4. When we write dumps on to blank cards following the guides we have, the the card is then giving errors when we try to use it in a store. , or saying mag stripe error, bad card read etc. so we’re confident that it is a writing issue and not the actual dumps that are bad. What are we doing wrong?

5, Do Amex cards require a different method of writing because they have a 15 digit card number?

Thank you so much to anyone who can answer this. It’s appreciated.


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