Vbivotron 2022 – Imitation of hand-to-hand data entry when driving into a shop

Vbivotron 2022 – Imitation of hand-to-hand data entry when driving into a shop

Vbivotron 2022 – Imitation of hand-to-hand data

The answer to fierce shops!
Please love and favor – Vbivotron 2022. The idea came to my mind in yesterday’s lesson, when I said that since 2014, many shops have begun to identify the copy-paste of the holder’s data when driving in and, based on this, cancel our orders without a trial or investigation.
Vbivotron 2022 - Imitation of hand-to-hand data entry
Vbivotron 2022 – Imitation of hand-to-hand data entry when driving into a shop


This hack converts information from the clipboard into manual input, simulating the actions of a live user.
When simulating manual input from the keyboard, there is a random delay between characters (in milliseconds), so that the shop could not compare the time of filling out forms and see repetitions.

Instructions: to work, run Project1.exe / >> / once set up the key combination, which triggers the simulation / >> / save the changes in the config with the “Apply” button. Once restarted, it is saved once and for all!
To cancel the drive – Esc.
*** the hack works only with the Latin alphabet Aa-Zz, 0-9,! @ # $% ^ & * () _- + =

If it becomes necessary to change the delays, open the setup.ini file with notepad, we see the following lines in it:

delay = 340 – default 1 character delay.
delay_rand = 250 – the delay is added randomly on top, in this case, 0-250 ms.

If you need more – change delay_rand to any value.
1 second is 1000 milliseconds, it takes 5 seconds – enter 5000.

The only drawback is that the programmer was never able to implement the direct work of the hack from the system on which the virtual machine/grandfather is running, so it works only with the team viewer.

When working with virtual machines/grandfathers, we run a hack on them and copy the text anywhere. When the “paste” function is triggered, the text will be barbarously torn out of the buffer, processed in accordance with the specified rules, and hammered in with imitation of manual input, including holding the Shift key for the upper case.

Update! Fixed: now you do not need to monitor the system layout, the program switches automatically to Eng.
Download, test, and leave comments on the results of the drive.

While driving in the details of the order, DO NOT COPY, write by hand, make mistakes, erase and write again.

One moment. If you have selected the Russian layout, then the program ZAVBIVOTRONIT text is in Russian even if the English text was copied. Check out the

Update layout! Fixed: now you do not need to monitor the layout of the system, the program switches automatically to Eng.
Updated links in the starport.

It didn’t work out to make friends with the input of the Cyrillic alphabet, but in fact it is not needed.

If among us there are capable members of the forum who spit in Delphi, take a look at the updated Unit1.pas file
along the way, he made something clever in this piece of code:

(procedure SetLayoutActiveWnd (kbLayout: LongWord);
Layout: HKL;
Layout: = LoadKeyboardLayout (PChar (IntToStr (kbLayout)), 0);
sendMessage (GetForegroundWindow, WM_INPUTLANGCHANGEREQUEST, 1, Layout);

procedure TForm1.WMHotKey (var Msg: TWMHotKey);
i: integer; text: string;
Layout: array [0 .. KL_NAMELENGTH] of char;
if (Msg.HotKey = 101) and (clipboard.AsText <> ”) then begin
text: = clipboard.AsText;
for i: = 0 to length (text) do begin
if (text in [‘a’ .. ‘z’]) or (text in [‘a’ .. ‘z’]) then SetLayoutActiveWnd (00000409)
else SetLayoutActiveWnd (00000419); )

since he himself could not figure out the layout switching, I found a thread on some forum where our problem was discussed, poked my nose and he already dug up a working solution there.

Revealed one more point, this is also not a jamb of the vbivotron, but a data format. If you copy the text content by selecting a cell in Excel, the text with a new line is added to the buffer, i.e. already when the program is typing in the text, “enter” is pressed at the end and the browser tries to go to the next page. Once so unsuccessfully sent Gift without having time to specify the recipient’s email, the curve shop turned out to be without the obligatory filling of important fields))
If you work in Excel, you need to select the cell with a double click and copy the text manually.

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