Virus Spreading – Good ways to spread and get more victims by alphabanklog

Virus Spreading – Good ways to spread and get more victims by alphabanklog

Virus Spreading - Good ways to spread and get more victims by alphabanklog
Virus Spreading – Good ways to spread and get more victims by alphabanklog


Hey all. This is my new tutorial about some of ways to spread your virus and get more logs from stealer, Botnet(s),RAT connections and much more.

Tutorial is by me so if you post on some other websites, blogs, forums etc. please put credit on me, Om3n.

(1.) First of all the bust way what i suggest to others are warez sites.

Whats Warez-Website?

Warez is site where you can find free cracked expensive softwares like AVG Internet Security, Kaspersky Internet Security 2008,Keyscrambler but the best way to spread on that kind of websites is to post something what include a crack what need to be runed to crack software but ofc must works + crypted + binded Trojan. Also you can do that on some stupid people to pind some videos, pictures or something what is not .exe! Also the realy important thing is to post colored text, interesting images, virus scan ( make sure its or some other what doesnt sent scan results to Antivirus company) and find some people to post fake comments like i do. Also when you spread make sure you got few accounts not one, maybe 3-4.

(2.) Second and realy important thing is YouTube

Whats YouTube?

Uhh everyone know what is YouTube. Thats famous website where people share their videos,ideas and softwares ofc. There come our part Thumbsup. So what you gonna do is to make new account dont put any name what have text: “Hacker” or some other thing what make people not download your softwares. Make some stupid simple to people think you are kid, thats realy important thing. Also like i said before get fake comments thats realy important thing on YouTube spreading. Also like i said before too you will need few accounts. I suggest one for some fake programs ( like some programs you make in C#,C++,VB.NET,VB6, for explanation: WoW Gold Hack, Runescape Hack etc.). Virus Spread Tutorial.

A lot people wanna be hackers so they will sure download that kind of programs. I do that way i get around 20 victims per day per account ( so thats around 40-50 ). Also use GAME CHEATS. People love cheating so they will sure download. I make videos for games like: CS 1.6,CS:S,COD4,WoW etc. Make sure they works and they are crypted what is realy important or you will lose your connections because when AV detect Trojan they automatic block it and make your virus unusable what you dont want to heppen ofc. Next way is like on Warez website is to use Cracks,good softwares,antiviruses etc.

(3.) Next important part of spreading your virus are Torrent websites.

Whats Torrent

On torrent site’s you can find anything, movies, pictures, wallpapers, games, programs etc. So thats good for us. But i dont realy use torrents for spreading viruses but they are great. I dont have time to upload big games, movies and things like that so i just use YouTube and Warez. I suggest not to use big torrent sites like pirate bay because they send every file on virus scan to antivirus comapnies which is realy bad for you if you buy one FUD private crypter. You don’t want that to happen so just use some small Torrent websites.

IMPORTANT: Never upload your crypted Trojans on #. The reason because sometimes if you dont have premium account it will limit downloads on 25 or maybe close your premium account ( what happened to one guy i know ) SO NO

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