What Carders Need – Updated for Pro Carders

What Carders Need to Be like a King from Nothing

What Carders Need

To be a good carder u guys need to know where to find a good source of a public Cc and Private that is fresh daily before getting carding. I suggest u guys find it on a forum like this or MIRC. That is the most u need badly. Got a source then u got a lot of choices. Here is a list of what u need to card successfully nowadays.

What Carders Need
What Carders Need



1- Vpn
2- A dozen of shipping forwarding addresses like com gateway for example
3- USA Phone number about 2 dozen (I used so long google USA phone number which u may receive SMS.. (to get this u must 1st card skype US number lol)
4- You must know how to find easy and instant deduction websites. Figure out yourself. I never ask someone sites. All I do is keep trying new sites every day and the past experience I make about 30 orders which pass per day at least then I will remark and see which is shipping then I keep trying which sites are canceled till I succeed.. most importantly u must keep experiment and that why source public cc is important to be pro carder unless u are good one by a hack or get cc from dork or whatever lol.
5- Make sure the time and date on your PC are synchronized with the IP you connect.. u can check it at whoer.net.. <<- this is not a small matter dude.. this is why a lot purchased get detected as fraud or canceled. Trust me.

6- Always clear cookies on your PC.. and Please don forget to disable all browser plugins ok also disable web rtc..

That is not the tip but a method guys.  happy carding ok.. peace:”)

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