What drop locations are and what they’re used for

What drop locations are and what they’re used for

What drop locations are and what they’re used for

Well simply a drop location is an abandoned house, or any house that is not under your name or any of your details. You can lead young children into these to make a ***y time with them, get items delivered to them that you want no one else to find about or risking finding, or just use it to squat in if you have no where else to go. Basically they are used in ways of keeping your nose clean and are used by mostly scam artists and *** offenders.

What drop locations are

How to find a drop location

There are many ways of finding a drop location for use, whether it temporarily or permanently

(although I suggest swapping and changing locations because my main last one I used got raided

or broken into and is boarded up and too hot to use); I will suggest 3 ways on how you can find some for you to use.

One final tip is don’t bother going for houses that are boarded up at the front where it is visible to passers by (it’s okay if round the back is boarded up)

Way #1

As just mentioned you can go about it many different ways but one of the ways the way I prefer to go

about it is you should be looking around some older housing estates and more ghetto areas

(could also tie in with the sob story you feed to a pedophile/child predator you are possibly scamming).

For example in Derby there is an area called Sinfin, but now there is 2 parts to it and they

are New Sinfin and Old Sinfin. Old Sinfin is the are you would want to go to, because

it’s older its most likely to be a lot more houses abandoned or deemed unsafe (it’s bullshit).

Or if you were lucky like I once were then you could ask around your mates if there are any empty houses

in their area. If there are then you’re in luck and can even have your friend keep tabs and watching over

it for you and give you details so you can keep it all under wraps and safe.

It may be a lot riskier with neighbor hood watch morons, and nosey neighbors, but it’s still ideal

and a little bit less suspicious than the abandoned houses in the older estates, and this is because the older

estates usually have all abandoned houses close by, where as the odd one out covered with a street filled

with inhabitants will seem less suspicious to the postman.

Way #2

Now this is a temporary way of finding a drop location, but is sometimes an effective ways and means

of getting what you need but has a bit more risk to it; and personally is a way I have never used even till today.

Have you ever been eavesdropping on a conversation between a neighbor and one of their

family members or friends, or been down the pub and heard the common as muck

chavs boasting about a holiday they are going away on for however long they say they’re going away for?

Well listen out for these type of conversations. Because them away on holiday means the house is most likely going to be empty for however long they’re

going away for. So if you already know where they live then that’s great the job is made easier; if you know

their first name and surname then look them up in the phone directory and find their address to go along with

the number. If you don’t know where they live, or their name then just listen out to see if you can hear their

names come up in conversation; just remember that if it’s in the pub it’s most likely local to it that they

live, so you could easily find out by following them home and seeing.

Way #3

Possibly the safest, easiest way of finding, and quickest way to get a drop location.

Most areas have houses up for sale am I right?
Or houses that are up for bidding on, am I right?

Well they have a website with a full list of your local area(s) that have houses up for bidding on and for sale.

For example I would search Derbyhomefinders and look at the list on their site.

All of these houses are empty and often do not have a sign up outside them either (if they do then just take it down and hide it somewhere for the time being).

The advantage to using the lists to find the drop locations to use is it will usually say when the

bid is up or if the house has been sold (this lets you know that it will not be ideal to use that certain

house now it’s most likely to be inhabited) and will have the houses on there that are still being bided

on and that are still up for sale, these are the ones you want to be using.

The best thing about this though is that you have a full list of many different drops to use

(like I said earlier its best to switch drop locations and use many different ones) and it is updated

with new ones coming up and tells you full which ones are over and not usable.

You just need to know your agencies for housing and find their website.

Obtaining and using drop locations

You’re probably thinking now I’ve got/found one that’s great and everything but how the fuck do I keep it a secret?

For way #1
this much is obvious that you do not tell anyone except your partner if you’re doing a team bait, and

1 trustworthy friend to keep tabs on it if you are doing a bait on your own, and also the pedophile, but only

when he asks. But there is a lot more to it than that, also maintaining your abandoned house and making the

postman think someone living there.

Appearance isn’t everything at all in any case and it isn’t for this either, but of course you

try to make yourself look as best as you can. The same principles are applied to keeping an abandoned

house; you should at least try to get a new lock put on the door which you will also have a key for;

just so that if any druggies go there before you then they will have a tougher time getting in

(of course its ideal you don’t get somewhere known to druggies but this is an example of what use it could have)

but also if there is a fucked up lock on a door then it’s pretty damn obvious only low life scum or

some criminal(s) are using the place, so buy a new lock for the door and get it fitted on, whether you

do it yourself or get assistance from a friend who knows what they are doing.

Now as for overgrowing plants and weeds, you can only do so much without being suspected. Do not use a lawn mower, use clippers and hack it as short as you can. Its best to get all of this done when everyone is at work during the day time; but in reality it isn’t ideal at all and most criminals don’t tend to bother with this. Instead they will make it seem someone is in but is just too ill to do anything with the garden

or is just a lazy ******. They do this by often writing up a note and sticking it to the door or

leaving it on the floor near the door saying something such as “No milk today please” or “Not in, please leave packages at post office”.

Write a few letters to yourself as well ready to come on the same day as the parcel, this will make

it look like you get mail and not just the one off suspicious package now and then.

Now 2 alternatives, you can either get to the abandoned house and take the mail from the mailman while

acting like you live there (you must look the part as lazy or disabled if you have ingrown plants in “your” garden)

or you can leave a note saying to take any packages to the post office for pick up because you are at work or

something along those lines.

One final rule is do not be in and out of the hideout everyday or whatever, visit probably 2 or 3 times a week.

For way #2

Now there are 2 ways to go about this; you can either just get to the house early in the

morning a little bit just before the postman arrives and be at the house outside pretending

you’re just about to leave and then sign for the package (if you need to) and collect it off the

postman and then be on your way after he’s gone.

Or if you’re good at bypassing alarms (I have a guide on burglary) or the house has no alarm

then you could bump key in at night time (not recommended) or during the day time the day before when

everyone else will be at work as well,

and hide out there for a bit (hell even take some food that is left in the fridge and feed yourself since

you’re spending the rest of the day and early morning there).

Basic rules are don’t have tv on too loud if at all, or if you do then put head phones on into

the tv if it’s that old of a model, and leave everything how it was left an say upstairs so incase

any neighbors or anyone looking after the house while the owners are away come in then you have time to hide.

Obviously if its a package you don’t have to sign for then you can stick up a note on the

door early in the morning before the post man comes saying to leave it round the back or what ever excuse you wanna make up.

For way #3
Easy, just as previously except you don’t have to be as cautious and often the alarms are

disabled for that time being anyway so you don’t have to worry as much if you bump key into it.

As also stated previously in this guide, if there are any up for bidding/for sale signs then take them down and just get them out of the way.

You can even go to this one the night before instead of day time because no one is hardly going to be watching over this unless it’s in a neighborhood watch area..

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