Where the cards come from?

Where the cards come from?

Where the cards come from? One who has ever attended a carding forum has noticed a lot of ads about selling cards. They could be dumps, bank accounts, just card data. However, where do sellers get them from?

In this article, I’ll tell you how shops, sellers and carders get the CC. Understanding this will help some to better understand the processes that take place in carding.

Where the cards come from?
Where the cards come from?



Due to the spread of online trading, this method has now been sidelined, but before, most CC was produced by this method. The point – installation of special equipment on Atms that reads information from the surface of the card, magnetic band and chip.

Carder receives full information about the card: the number, the date and the owner for the vbiv, and the dump. However, data obtained in this way are now less common, as the next way to obtain cards is much easier.

Database hacking

The sites where a person purchases with credit cards store data. They need them to test and create a convenient interface – for example, for future reconciliation or convenient purchases. However heavily protected the bases are, sooner or later they are hacked and the data gets into the hands of the carders.

Often purchased cards on the Internet get exactly this way. You get all the information you need for vbiv, but chip dumps, magnetic stripes, and NFC are not accessible to users. Often, some employees sell of database, but this is much less common. Bank accounts are also accessed through hacking.


With the advent of the Internet, fishing as a way of getting information has developed massively. Every person who went online has ever been on a page like this, and every other person has left their data unaware of it. Not a lot of people admit it, though.

Fishing of bank cards is one of the proven ways to get information. Moreover, some «fishermen» have long forgotten about their fake lendings, and cards still swim to them.

What cards are safer?

For vbiv, it matters how the card was obtained. The most reliable way is to use inactive bank accounts or cards obtained by hacking databases that nobody knew about. People caught fishing tend to keep track of their bank account and wait for write-off to take place, or change the data beforehand.

The best variant is to find out from the seller how valid the card is and whether it has funds. For this purpose, please contact only the carding forums, which sellers to make deposit for the guarantor.

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