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Get Registered Documents In 2022

Here, we will show you how to buy real documents online. We offer real documents service based on the country passport you want. There are various types of documents you can get from us, such as real and registered documents, passports, certificates, driver licenses, ID cards, SSN cards, and many more. European passports, US passports, diplomatic passports, and buying a fake passport online may all be useful.


Real and Fake ID Card

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New Identity Package

We provide you a new identity package including a birth certificate, passport, ID card, SSN/SIN, driver’s license, etc.

How To Order Now

1. Send us all the needed details (depending on the document you want to obtain). We’ll receive, process, and provide payment information.

2. Depending on the document(s) you require, you pay 100%  upfront.

3. Your document is produced (s). 2-3 days (depending on your order).

4. We scan/photograph/video your finished document (s). You confirm all information.

5. You provide us the shipping address. Your documents will arrive through UPS, FedEx, or DHL (free of charges for orders over 500 USD)

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Frequently Asked Questions

To assist you in obtaining a new passport, we will look up your prior information in the system using your passport number. Then, we will remove all prior data from it and record your new information for the next passport.

We save all of your information in the alleged database while creating an actual document. You may directly approach your country’s officials and request a renewal. Your papers will be renewed without difficulty after the authorities has reviewed all of the information recorded with registration.

We recommend that you contact the consulate or immigration services of the target nation, as well as the authorities in charge of this department. They will assist you in verifying the papers and providing assurance as to whether they are genuine or counterfeit.

It is the most commonly requested and legitimate question by customers. There are several reasons why you should trust our services in one or both directions. We have been providing this service for over ten years and counting. To increase your faith in our services, you may read the many testimonials left by our valued customers, who express their trust and commitment to us. We accept orders from people all around the world on a regular basis. Our customers often suggest our services to others after obtaining the papers from us. Don’t just take our word for it; use our services once and tell us about it.

We work with legally registered papers that are both genuine and authentic and are issued in the name of authorities. We have established contact with specialists, via whom we prepare all papers based on the information supplied and submit them for database confirmation. If there is any risk that we will be unable to register your papers for validation, we will notify you immediately.

We send you a dispatch confirmation together with a parcelled verification diskette, database authentication code, and telepoint code once we ship your created papers. This will assist you in determining the legitimacy of the document. The verification CD that was sent to you will allow you to see detailed details about the document. Your document’s authenticity and validity will be verified after it is automatically checked in the database.