Сarding To warm up the shop.

Сarding. To warm up the shop.

Сarding To warm up the shop you have a card with an appropriate equilibrium. Security is coordinated, data about you is covered up. You discover the shop you are keen on, promptly add the products to the bin, embed all the information into the essential fields, make installment. The thing you need in the rundown for conveyance, the status is “Handling” … And afterward unexpectedly it changes to “Dropped.” What occurred? For what reason did the plan that should work out correctly come up short?

Сarding To warm up the shop.
Сarding To warm up the shop.


That’s simple. You have made a number of completely unobvious at first sight mistakes . Payment systems aren’t developed by stupid people, and they know what carding is – that is why they provide stores with a number of protective measures, or, otherwise, antifrod-systems that monitor the behavior of the user, and if it looks unrealistic, they reject the order of the product or transfer it to manual check.

So, what should be done to deceive the protection and successfully vbiv in:

1. Change your location. If the location that your IP belongs to is significantly different from the cardholder address, you get a very significant minus in the karma. Therefore, always take into account the geographical factor, try to correspond to the person you pretend to be.

2. Change the system settings. Yes, modern scripts track this too – if you are going to vbiv in the American shop, but the system is Russian-language, prepare for manual check-up of the order. Moreover, even a Russian layout can take away a few points of trust.

3. Browser history. Before opening a store, be sure to search for news from its region for a couple of minutes, open tabs with other sellers, and search for the right product there.

4. Transition from Google. Don’t use direct links. Try to get to the right page from search engines – make a request and then go to the necessary site.

5. Act naturally. Check out the product catalogs on the site. Scroll pages by keeping an eye on descriptions – create visibility of what you are reading. Add things to the comparison, if possible, and then, already in the basket, delete unnecessary ones – those that “didn’t suit you”.

6. Never use the “copy-paste” function when entering data for payment. It is desirable not to minimize the browser window at all – make a view that you reprint the data from the card itself. Make a couple of mistakes that you can then “notice” and fix. Modern antifraud-systems closely monitor the keyboard shortcuts, and, even doing everything correctly, you can easily go into a strong minus simply by entering the CC data not manually.

7. Use the phone that specified in the cardholder data. Manual verification can play a critical role – if the number doesn’t match, the order will either cancel or call the number linked with the card.

By following these simple rules, you significantly increase the chance that the carding will be successful. Yes, you will spend an extra ten minutes – but it will cost it completely.

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