Adult + dors = startup capital

Adult + dors = startup capital

Adult + dors = startup capital

Adult + dors

Good afternoon! How to earn money for a beginner who wishes to be engaged in carding, you are not important in what area
If you wish to be engaged in it business, the minimum investments are required practically always, beginning
From purchase сокса and finishing, on what at you the imagination is capable. It is an eternal question!!!:]
In this article I I will tell,
As it is possible to earn the starting capital with the help of adult affiliate and dors :]
Much all was told on this theme, but nevertheless. The most simple explanation for beginners, not
Going deep into details:
– What is the traffic?
They are unique visitors
– What is an adult affiliate?

It “сервси” which pays us for results on references unique users, i.e. Traffic
– What is доры?
You likely often met, when coming on a site and there it is written: ENTER, in
In many cases it also is дор i.e. when you press this ссыль, occurs a redirect.
On affiliate, thus, for each unique transition under the reference, we will receive $.
I did dors, it is a little on another!

In the beginning, we need to make the site. I did it all on a free host, not having spent
For all theme copecks.
I have started to learn HTML, and further PHP but since the site not necessarily should be, super-mega abrupt,
That to a beginner will be enough

To make a site and in frontpage. At first, I found photos of beautiful girls on the Internet, made
an index page on which has placed 10 photos, and on each picture has hung up a hyperlink
affiliate. Those are good affiliates where there are many sites which it is necessary to advertise and to involve
юзверей. Under each picture, there was an inscription “still my photos” here this is the reference, and the reference on
To picture conducted on affiliate from which further we will have $. The reference sees not on the additional
Photos and at once on affiliate. Thus we use доры. So to say slightly deceiving.

Americans. The site is ready, the affiliate is found! What to do further? It is necessary to advertise the site Further!
Personally, I did the following in the image. Created 20-30 questionnaires in the day, hung up photos девченок, and on
Photos wrote a site address, where

Wrote a site where type it is possible to look still its photos. I am more this day ничеаго did not do,
Except as had a rest:]. Such questionnaires quickly block, but I advertised the “shitsite” where only it is possible!
Spending approximately for 3-4 hours per day for theme and attraction development traffic. In 2 weeks
Works, your income will make approximately 140-200 wmz, in dependence as will work! Further
Solve where to put up this money! It is possible to buy сс, socks, hosting, etc.
Remember! Clever money puts and silly them spends!

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