Anonymous Android Shared from Alphabanklogs

Anonymous Android Shared from Alphabanklogs

Anonymous Android.

For many of you, it will not be a secret that the standard firmware of the android-based phone contains not only many unnecessary services but also is aimed at total surveillance of users. By the way, companies like Google are not only watching your movements, network activities, your conversations, and what you are talking about. Well, happy to sell information about you to everyone. Your smartphone turns into a spy phone, a pocket spy is always watching you. However, this scheme can be corrected and corrected by installing custom, epic, and more secure firmware, in exchange for the official one. However, which firmware should you choose.

Anonymous Android Shared from Alphabanklogs


Replicant is a free, open-source operating system based on android. The goal of this project is the replacement of all proprietary components androids and free analogs. The replicant is sponsored and supported by the free software foundation. The developers have done simply titanic work, replacing almost all the proprietary components of the smartphone, such as
video drivers and binary firmware for Wi-Fi,
libraries for GPS compass cameras and a royal interface modem.

After reworking the whole, it was easy to get a workable system protected from surveillance, in general, quite an interesting system. However, it is worth noting that a small number of devices are supported.


LineageOS 15.1- this is one of the many alternative firmware for android. The free operating system for smartphones and tablets, is open-source, based on android, and is designed to replace the proprietary version of androids preinstalled by mobile device suppliers. LineageOS is a receiver of the popular cyanogen mode mobile support system. Open source and the lack of a package of pre-installed Google services ensure security and privacy.

This is a completely different project.

Porting familiar to many Linux users of the Ubuntu operating system on mobile phones and tablets. Ubuntu Touch has its own app store, also free from Google and the big brother’s ubiquitous bookmarks “perfeo the mess”. The main feature of the firmware to perfetto, it is significantly expanded tools to prevent hacking, as well as, it

has many applications that allow you to keep your privacy. Perfeo the mess, includes a large number of restrictions applied to the applications installed by you, in order to exclude not recommended activity. By default, the default camera application does not indicate in the snapshot metadata the shooting location, and the screen does not display a notification

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