Antifraud systems

Antifraud systems

What are the types of antifraud?

Antifraud systems is a specialized system of defence opposed to scam. There are quite a few antifraud systems that are honed precisely to fight carding. Almost every major resource strives to develop its own system that will allow the site to successfully oppose carders. In any case, they have common features by which they can be classified.

In this article, I will go through the main types of antifraud systems and explain which ones are the most dangerous in the operation of a carder.

What are the types of antifraud?
What are the types of antifraud?

Systems for reconciliation of information

The simplest types of protection systems are those that check the information about the cardholder and the information about the receiving person. On the one hand, the system is the simplest and, on the other, the most difficult to access. Some sites compare information automatically – check data at the address of delivery of goods and payment address (which is required for sending payment data). Large resources have access to bank information and check data for official registration data, smaller ones simply by name.

As a rule, such checks are carried out thoroughly only in cases of possible scam – when large quantities of goods

are ordered. In carding, they are dangerous only if the carder has been careless enough and leave his personal information. More information on bypassing these systems can be found in the carding forums. Often such systems differ from the site to the site.

Two-factor authentication

2FA is an authentication system using third-party devices. This system is used by the banks themselves when making payments – they request a unique code, which is sent to the card holder on a mobile phone or other device.

As a rule, the system is established by the bank itself. It is almost impossible to bypass it by standard search methods, and often for circumventing «2fa» it is necessary either

to resort to social engineering methods, or to special equipment which allows to create a complete copy of the owner’s Sim-card. The latter is particularly difficult, and can give a triangulation of carder location.

In some cases, however, banks disable this type of authentication – for example, when the purchase is made on a trusted site or the authentication for the card has already been made on it.


Detects are also a separate field in the antifraud – they allow to establish a correspondence between the owner of the computer and his actions on the site. This is not exactly an antifraud system, however, they are the most dangerous to the carder. They collect information through JS, action history, product viewing, and help establish a match with the real person.

The antidetects systems are discussed in detail at the carding forums – the most popular is Linken Sphere.

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