Bank Accounts Transfers Share from

Bank Accounts Transfers Share from

Transfer from bank accounts – nuances

Bank accounts transfer – One of the huge areas of transfer that is often discussed in the carding forums is the transfer through bank accounts. What is most important here is to pay attention to the nuances – the fact that transfers from bank accounts are often carried out within banking systems and it is necessary to be able to work with them in such a way that the employees of the bank won’t have any suspicion.

In this article, I will talk about the nuances of the transfer from the bank cards – how not to lose the account and successfully withdraw the funds from it.

Work with foreign banks

Due to the high level of trust in customers, European banks are less likely to block transactions. In addition, the movement of large sums, according to CIS standards, has gone unnoticed in banking transactions in Europe. Even the 800 euros, which account for about a quarter of the wages in the developed countries, are a good catch for the сarder.

However, working with banks in other countries you are doomed to search for drops in other countries because interbank transfers

between countries take much longer and the owner of the card will have time to cancel the transaction, And if you decide to take the money into your account, also transfer the information about your transfers to your bank-eminent.

Bank accounts - transfers
Bank accounts – transfers


Use accounts inside one bank

Intra-bank transfers, especially for large banks, are much less problematic. There is no need to go far behind examples – even Sberbank provides easy terms for intra-bank transfers. In addition, the speed of such transfers is considerably higher – the bank doesn’t need to contact the foreign exchange counterparties for transactions.

To do so, you need to find a drop that has an account in this bank or physical access to

a card from one of these banks. For this reason, select the bank and account after you find the drop. By the way, drops are best searched in English-speaking forums – so it will be easier to find someone willing to work with foreign banks.

Don’t transfer above the limit

The bank limit is set for resisting fraudsters and facilitating intra-bank transactions. Exceeding the limit is only possible if you

call the bank and confirm the transaction verbally. To do this, you must contact the support and name a code word. However, the bank will probably be the first to call the owner, who will cancel the transaction. This will completely deny you access to the account.

Transfer amounts below the limit by 10-20 percent. This will prevent calls to the bank and increase the success of the work.

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