BANK LOG CASHOUT TUTORIAL – pt2. (Coinbase) Share From Alphabanklogs 

BANK LOG CASHOUT TUTORIAL – pt2. (Coinbase) Share From Alphabanklogs



With this COVID virus going around, I know that money may have slowed up for a lot of you. Especially if you are a drug dealer or you work a job. But not to worry, this method can be carried out 100% from the safety of your own home!

So today, we will be learning how to cash out bank logs w/ CVV to bitcoin.

This tutorial will cover everything that you need to know, from start to finish!

But before we get into the method, first I am going to go over the beauty of cashing out straight to BTC, as opposed to cashing out any other way:

As many of you probably know, bitcoin is a decentralized currency with absolutely no government regulation. With this being said, the movement of bitcoin cannot be traced back to one specific person, nor can these data packets be investigated correctly by any form of a government authority. Another great thing about bitcoin is that it can be directly deposited into your own personal bank account, as clean money! This means you can buy things such as a house and a car with your illegal earnings, and if anyone asked where it came from, all you have to say is, “I invest in bitcoin”. Lol. I promise nobody will question it, because they either likely have 0 interest and/or have no idea what bitcoin is. You can also provide lenders’ bank statements, showing deposits from your bitcoin wallet.

The point is, cashing out via Bitcoin is a near foolproof way to take the funds from your victim, and deposit them swiftly into your personal bank account as USD!

Now that I have explained that portion, let us get into the method:

Things you will need:

1. Bank Log

(Your bank log should include the following: Username, password, SSN, MMN, Security questions, CVV, PIN, and email access. If your log does not come with the following, you will not have full access to the account, meaning that you won’t be able to cash it out.)

2. Fake ID (with your face)

3. Windows computer

(can be done on a mobile device, this tutorial does not cover that portion though. I’m sure you can figure it out)

4. Burner phone#/ VOIP # (to receive codes)

Once we have these materials, we are ready to start…

(**victim=bank log holder**)

First, you want to download CCleaner on your Windows computer (if you don’t already have it) and clean all cookies and cache from all applications. Once you’ve done this, go to /911 .re/ and acquire a socks5 proxy. Now, run a proxy that is in the same zip code, or as close as you can get to your victim. Once you are running your proxy, go to Gmail and create a new email address in the same name as your victim. From there, we are going to create a coinbase account in the victim’s name.

Go on to the coinbase website, and create a new account. Input the victim’s credentials, along with the email that you have created for the victim. Enter your burner phone # or VOIP #, NEVER enter the victim’s number, you will need to have access to this number in order to receive codes. You can order a burner SIM online for very cheap and just insert it into your current phone, or you can just go to Walmart and buy a burner for $20-$50. You can also use a VOIP service but I’m not going to explain what that is for the sake of time…look it up. Once we have the account created, we are ready for the next step.

We are now going to link our bank log to the coinbase account. Simply go to “add bank” in coinbase, enter the credentials of your bank log (email and password) and choose the “email” option when it asks you how you’d like to recieve the code. Now, log into the victim’s email, find the code, and enter it into coinbase to verify the account.

Now, at this point, we have to be working very quickly, because we don’t know if the victim has noticed this email or not. We are hoping they didn’t notice, but there is always a chance that they will notice, and get us to shut down before we are finished. To prevent this from happening, we work very quickly. IMMEDIATELY after you link the bank account, log into the victim’s bank account.

Again, using their email to intercept the security code. Once we are in the bank account, link the CVV that came with the log, to the coinbase. It will then ask you to verify 2 deposits made by coinbase in the victim’s bank account. Since we are already logged in, we can quickly click on the checking account and check the deposits. Once we verify the 2 deposits, the card and bank account are now verified and linked to your coinbase. Now, attempt to purchase $1 worth of bitcoin with the CVV that you just linked, it will prompt you to verify your identity with your ID.

The ID you get must have your face on it. This is because coinbase will also ask you to take a selfie after you upload the ID images. Your ID must scan also. Snap a picture of the front and back of your ID, and snap a selfie of your face when asked. You will then be brought to a screen that says, “Processing your verification request”. This only takes 4-5 minutes at max! You will receive an email telling you if your account is verified. Once it is, you are free to buy as much bitcoin as possible. I’d start with 2500 at first. Once that goes through, just hit for $500 every time until the bank/victim shuts you down. Now, immediately send all of that bitcoin to a separate BTC address, preferably your own. You are then free to do whatever you want with the funds!

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