Best Residential Proxy Providers

Best Residential Proxy Providers | Country, State, and City | Clean | Long Lasting

Best Residential Proxy Providers

1. // They have the best residential clean proxies that you can categorize by country, state, and city. You can buy them out for 24hrs, and renew after that as well. Entry cost is $500 and the price per proxy varies. Here’s the list from their website:

1 BUY fresh proxy, not black = 0.30 + 0.15 = 0.45
2 BUY fresh proxy, not black, score <1 = 0.30 + 0.15 + -0.10 = 0.35
3 BUY fresh proxy, not black = 0.90 + 0.15 = 1.05
4 BUY fresh proxy, black = (0.30 + 0.15) * 0.50 = 0.225
5 BUY fresh proxy, low risk (PBL) = (0.30 + 0.15) * 0.25 = 0.1125
7 BUY Proxy BLACK = 0.15
8 BUY PROXY low risk = 0,075

Best Residential Proxy Providers
Best Residential Proxy Providers


2. // Haven’t personally used it, but based on reviews of the service, the proxies typically last about an hour. They cost about $0.03 per proxy. You must deposit $75 to activate an account, but it goes into your balance, unlike LuxSocks. And like LuxSocks, you can categorize by country, state, and city.

3. // Most likely using the API from Proxy. shop, but they’re worth placing on the list because they don’t require a large entry fee. This service categorizes by country, state, and city. Their proxies cost about $0.15/proxy, but purchasing comes in packages. The first is $1.49 for 10 proxies. Their proxies are only good for one-time uses. Some of them are extremely fast, and others are extremely slow. Do note that they aren’t private. I’ve seen them resell the exact proxy I had just purchased.

4. // They categorize their proxies by “Country, City, State, Internet Service Provider and Hostname.” Their daily package cost is pretty nice for what you’re getting. If you purchase the 5 proxies a day for 30 days, each proxy is $0.1. That’s assuming their quality is good, I haven’t used them, so I wouldn’t know.


Overall, all of these proxy providers are good depending upon your needs. But personally, I’d say LuxSocks is definitely the best service, and their entry fee is justifiable for the quality of their service. One might think their proxy cost is relatively high compared to the others, but remember, it’s $0.45 per 24hrs of an “extremely clean,” fresh proxy, compared to only a few hours of other proxies of lower quality.

Hopefully, you guys found this information as it took me quite a long time to accumulate all these good services.

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