Cangibrina – admin dashboard finder tool

Cangibrina – admin dashboard finder tool

1 Cangibrina is a Python-based multi platform admin dashboard finder tool which aims to obtain the location of website dashboards by using brute-force, wordlists, Google, Nmap and robots.txt.

It is multi-threaded, supports modifying your user agent, using a TOR proxy, custom dorks, Nmap integration and can use both DuckDuckGo and Google.

Cangibrina Admin Dashboard Finder Requirements

  • Python 2.7
  • mechanize
  • PySocks
  • beautifulsoup4
  • html5lib
  • Nmap
  • TOR

Cangibrina Usage to Find Admin Dashboards

usage: [-h] -u U [-w W] [-t T] [-v] [–ext EXT] [–user-agent]
[–tor] [–search] [–dork DORK] [–nmap [NMAP]]Fast and powerful admin finder

optional arguments:
-h, –help show this help message and exit
-u U target site
-w W set wordlist (default: wl_medium)
-t T set threads number (default: 5)
-v enable verbose
–ext EXT filter path by target extension
–user-agent modify user-agent
–sub-domain search for sub domains instead of directories
–tor set TOR proxy
–search use google and duckduckgo to search
–dork DORK set custom dork
–nmap [NMAP] use nmap to scan ports and services


There are other specific tools in this area like WPScan for WordPress and DruPwn for Drupal – and in those cases the dashboard URLs are already known.

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