How are you all doing? In this 2022 guide today we will tell you how you can successfully card with very little to no problems as long as you practice caution and have some common sense. is one of the best sites out there to card besides and get FREE accommodation time and time again.

Now before we jump into this guide there are a few things that you MUST remember and these are not hard facts as they will not affect your booking process but they will surely keep you safe and stress-free from encountering any unforeseen problems. CARD BOOKING.COM PREMIUM GUIDE



  • Never book a hotel/apartment/villa if you are not able to get to it the very same day.
  • Never book a hotel/apartment/villa in a different country than the one you are in
  • Never come across like a strange and odd individual, the nail that sticks out before getting hammered it gets noticed, your job is not to do anything out of the way so that you get noticed in the first place.
  • Never show up at the reception without your luggage, you’re a tourist don’t forget.
  • Never show your real ID or documents, always say they are packed, and then later show the fake id if you must, most places will let you get away with it as long as you act like a tourist who is in need of a place to enjoy your vacations.
  • Never give your real previous address as the host may ask you in a friendly tone where did you stay before? You must be casual and tell them that the previous place that you stayed in had a problem (make up a real believable problem) and that you did not like that hotel/apartment/villa.
  • Never give your real date of arrival or departure into that city for example if you landed today do not tell them that tell them you have been there for the past week and have been staying in XYZ hotel that you didn’t like and do not tell them when you’re leaving that city to go back home.
  • Never book a hotel up until the date of your departure.
  • Never book a hotel/apartment/villa with a card that belongs to any other race than yours, without being racist it’s for your own safety, imagine if you book a hotel on a card that has been issued to some Asian guy but you are a while caucasian American or even a black African you surely wouldn’t be called Wang Fang and if you ignore this will surely have more red flags than a Chinese parade, so expect unforeseen problems ahead.

Getting a card on our site with your preferred name is easy, just write down your preferences at the time of placing your order and we will fulfill your request.


So now we got your safety and security part out of the way, let us tell you this all our cashoutempire team never ever pays for hotels (using our own personal cards), we have been doing this for the last 10 years, it’s being more than a decade.

We can also tell you in that entire decade we may have encountered serious problems a hand full of times and those problems were unavoidable and not caused by us, sometimes it’s just not your time no matter what you do you encounter problems.

Other than that we had no issues with or if you would like to know more about AirBNB carding we have the link for that at the bottom of this guide as we do in all articles so that you can check that out after reading this post. CARD BOOKING.COM PREMIUM GUIDE

We also recommend you start with carding first before moving to AirBNB.


  • A Non-VBV CC
  • Use
  • A new email with cc holders name
  • Socks of the CC holder’s city

The First thing you will do is to get your CC ready to process the hotel booking online. We will advise that you go for non-refundable rooms at the start until you build up some experience.

Remember, your CC should be of a higher quality with the available balance to cover the cost of your stay so do not buy a $15 random CC from our shop and expect it to cover the cost of your entire stay, go for a higher quality CC and read our terms that we have laid out on all our products and services.

  • Make an email with the cc holder’s name and get ready to start the booking process.
  • Visit and make a new account under the CC holders’ detail.
  • Now, proceed to log in and browse available rooms for the country/city you want to book a hotel in.
  • Allow your account to age before checking out.
  • Go to ( and select the hotel type you want.
  • After choosing a hotel room go for the non-refundable rooms and checkout.
  • After filling in your Guest name and details go to the next page, that’s the payment page and look for something like pay now and fill that column.
  • If you didn’t find that “Pay Now” column then choose another hotel/apartment/villa till you get it.
  • Put in the CC details and make the payment, the site will say thank you and the reservation is paid.
  • You’ll get the booking receipt via Email…

It’s important to message the host and tell your expected time for arrival, as we explained before be friendly and not too friendly so that the host won’t start asking you way too many unnecessary questions, act like a real guest because you are a real guest and paid with your own card (in hosts eyes that’s what you did so you might as well act like it).

As mentioned always book a day or two extra than your original departure date and when you leave to catch your flight do NOT text the host until you get back home safely as you would have one or two days extra on your stay anyway.


You can text your host on the last day saying sorry you had to leave a bit early and that you left the key inside the room and thank them for their service to you and delete the account,

Having a conversation with your host is of course completely optional the reason we suggest that is so that they do not look for you out of concern as if something may have happened to you, we have learned a lesson from this, remember when we said we have been in trouble a hand full of times above? That was due to not letting them know that we have left and just ghosting the host after leaving.

Anyway, we have given you a complete blueprint for booking free hotels you can surely find your own path for free holiday success. CARD BOOKING.COM PREMIUM GUIDE

Did you like this 2022 guide to successfully card 2022? If so, you can always write to us to tell us about your views & reviews and of course you can request more articles on a specific subject.

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