Carding FAQ for noobs

Carding FAQ for noobs

Carding FAQ for noobs

Q: What is credit, CC where to get it?

A: These are credit cards, it is thanks to them that we exist.

There are many ways to get CC – from banal theft to hacking into an online store, but at this stage I would advise you not to bother and just buy.

Q: I am new to carding. Which topic is better to start working?

A: If there is a zero in carding at all, then my advice to you is to start with online carding in order to get at least a little understanding of carding.

Q: Who is online carder?

A: This is a person who is engaged in driving information on a credit card in some kind of store, the successful outcome of the whole operation depends on him. Learn more about what it is here.

Carding FAQ for noobs
Carding FAQ for noobs


Q: What is emith?

A: This is the bank that issued the credit card itself. You can find out the name of the bank that issued the card using the CC2Bank program.

Q: What is a bin?

A: Bean is the first 4 or 6 characters in a credit card number, and it is through this that they learn that the bank is issuing a credit card, as well as the type of card.

Q: What is the CVV / CVV2 code?

A: These are 3-4 additional figures, designed to improve the protection of credit cards, at the moment it is very difficult to find places where you would accept cards without CVV.

Q: What are cards with Full Info and why are they needed?

A: This is credit card information including standard data along with SSN, DOB, PIN, MMN, etc. Such information is needed in cases when more complete data on the cardholder is required (for example, when enroll) or cash out.

DOB – Date of birth

SSN – Social Security Number

MMN – Mothers Maiden Name

Q: Who is the drop?

A: This is a person who takes in his own name any product you bought, after which he sends it to you or another drop (in general, there are different options). Most often, the drops are not aware that they are accepting stolen items and sooner or later the cops will come after them.

Q: I removed about $ 50- $ 100 from the card, will they search me for this money?

A: According to the idea, of course you will have to search, but in practice it is meaningless, because Your searches

will result in larger amounts.

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Q: What is PayPal?

A: The online payment system for various services around the world is very popular, it is possible to replenish your

account with a credit card, but a lot of problems with verification and removal of limits.

Q: What is a tracking number or track?

A: After you have ordered the goods in the store, they send it to the drop using mail or courier service. The most

famous of these services are UPS, FedEx, AirBorne, etc. So, after the goods are sent to you, this same track is issued,

with which you can find out where the package is on the courier service website.

Q: How can I transfer money from a credit card to WM?

A: There are no ways to directly transfer money from a credit card to WebMoney.


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