Carding forums

Carding forums

Why are carding forums still alive?

Forums for the exchange of cards Modern messengers make it easy to select a set of interests, and in particular unlawful ones, to select in the year 2022, it appears that the manner of communicating on the forums is really old. The Carding Forums, on the other hand, are still alive and well, with several large forums taking place every six months.

Here, I’ll explain why the Carding Forum is the primary means of contact for Carders and why nothing will ever replace it.

Carding forums
Carding forums


Carding is a sphere literally filled with «fraudsters», because carding falls exactly under this definition. However, although most users don’t try to deceive their «colleagues», enough people try to profit from the carders.

Forums reduce the likelihood of fraud. The traceable history of posts and reputations, administrative checks and reviews make the

area of carding trade safer and more transparent. If the seller of information or carding-goods is seriously engaged in

work, it wouldn’t be difficult for him to prove his seriousness by making a deposit. And if the carding forum is serious, this deposit will be a reliable guarantor.

In Telegram, it is extremely difficult to verify a person’s reputation. It is a matter of minutes to register a new account, and it is impossible to verify the authenticity of a person’s intentions. And it’s easy to fake a review. Forums don’t allow that.


Each carding forum has several typical sections – trade, job search, and library. All information in them is ordered and in a

comparative order. Besides that, there are comments to any information that allow you to complete it and

verify its truthfulness. Of course, the comments shouldn’t be treated with complete trust, as well as to all information, however, in the telegram

you do not have such a possibility – you can’t see the opinions of users about the article, and the authors of the channels put out their schemes as «the last instance» and you can’t really challenge it.

Besides, you don’t have to jump dozens of channels in search of the necessary data, employees or goods – everything is in one place, it is easy to find and if necessary to get the opinion of other people about it.

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