Carding off Burner phone (WORKING 2022)

Carding off Burner phone (WORKING 2022)

Carding off Burner phone …This method has to do with making money with an android burner phone. Using a burner phone is a much easier way to card since it allows you to use cards from your area without the use of VPN and Socks5. This allows for a much higher success rate due to the location automatically matching the cc holder without having to do anything extra and you are always using a clean IP which prevents any red flags on sites and payment processors. Before carding with a burner phone, ALWAYS REMEMBER:

Carding off Burner phone
Carding off Burner phone


-Always change device name to cc holder/ fullz name.

-NEVER use any of your real information on the phone. YOU WANT NO TRACE WHATSOEVER!

-Purchase phone in or near the same zip code as cc/ fullz holder (not sure if this really helps but it couldnt hurt.)

-ALWAYS use IMEI changer AND reset the phone before and after each “mission” you perform on your burner device.

-Make sure you create a gmail matching the cardholder/ fullz name and other info. Use this gmail to sign in to google services on the phone.
Now that we have that out of the way, lets get into the methods…

Carding burner method:

This is the easiest and most straight forward of all the methods but can still make you a good deal of money with not very much effort. All you will need is a high balance cc in same state as you and in a city that is also relatively close to you. Travel to that city and connect to the nearest public wifi. Follow all steps already mentioned above (AS ALWAYS!) and simply use your CVV to order your desired product(s).

For the drop, find a house that is for sale near the cc holder zip. You can either write a note with a signature on it instructing the deliverer to leave the package on the porch, or you can wait outside until the mailam arrives. Now that last step vaires based on whether it is UPS/FedEx or if its just USPS. If USPS is dropping the package, you wont have to worry about the note or getting there before them. USPS will leave the package on the porch.

If you need cc or fullz i have plenty for sale. Fullz are 70$ CC are 20$

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