Carding outside of the card’s origin country

Carding outside of the card’s origin country

Carding outside of the card’s origin country

Hi all. Relatively new to carding so I might be asking a beginner question.

Is it possible to conduct carding if the drop’s location is outside of the card’s original country? Eg USA card purchasing items from a Thai eCommerce site with a Thai drop. Assuming the order was made from a US IP address, would the transaction pass?

From my understanding you’d need to purchase from an ecommerce shop close to your location to minimize shipping time. But if the card is from the USA and the drop location is in Thailand, would that still work?

What other cashout strategies are available for cards from a country outside the drop location? Ex. cashing out of ATMs (not sure if possible)



You can use a mail forwarding service like shipito OR find someone reputable on the DN and use their address, some people offer this service.

Better yet, don’t card physical goods, cash out your CCs
Yourself. There are various methods out there. Try setting up a shop on etsy and card your items. Use clean socks5. Get debit cards from empire, stay below 600. You will be okay.
It is fairly easy

Carding outside of the card’s origin country
Carding outside of the card’s origin country


How do I cash out from Etsy? From my understanding, payment gateways sometimes require a tracking code to be submitted before they release the funds? Or are you talking about non-physical goods like services?

Are debit cards a separate strategy from Etsy? A majority of vendors I’ve seen are selling CC, so I’ve not really come across much material on debit cards.

What about cashing out from ATMs? How would this be done in a foreign country to the card’s origin?


Yes, it is. Make use of World, World Elite, Corporate T&E, and other CCs notable for having CH travel a lot. There are two ways you can look at the situation:

  • Spoof CH GEO
  • Spoof drop GEO

Both ways work, it just boils down to the combination of CC, bank, site, and how cleanly you spoof the location.

Assuming purchasing from a Thai eCommerce site, would it be better to place the order from a Thai IP address? Because this makes it look like the CH is actually there.

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