Carding Security rules Basics

Carding Security rules Basics

Carding Security rules. In any case, there’s a set of rules that can’t be broken under any conditions. Carding is no exception, in fact, because of the nature of all your actions, you have to be even more careful. And it’s not so much about the way that you do operations, for example, vbiv, but about the little things that you say in a carding forum, on the Internet and other places, about the things that people don’t usually even think about doing. It was for that reason that a small set of rules, a kind of taboo list, had been drawn up which couldn’t be broken under any conditions.

Carding Security rules Basics
Carding Security rules Basics


Okay, let’s get started. First, not only in terms of importance, but also in terms of the simplicity and frequency of the violation. Never say more than you need to. No matter what they ask you online or in life, always think of the answer. Get used to the idea that you are not making children’s toys, but directly violating the laws of your country. Not a word about your activities outside of the carding forums, but on them – nothing about yourself. Names, place of residence, number of relatives – leave it all to those who have no idea what you’re doing.

The use of usernames can also be associated with this. There have been cases of a person working in the grey sphere being deanonymized simply because he used a login

from some yourself white-half service on the Internet. And then it’s simple – modern technology makes it easy

to search a bunch of databases just to find information about someone. So remember the simple rule: you’re in the white and gray spheres – two different personalities, and there’s nothing to bind you.

Therefore, it is forbidden to use personal numbers and mail in the various services used in carding. If necessary, it will be enough for the intelligence services to simply send a request for information – and rest assured

that the answer will be very prompt. And don’t think that you’re not exactly a big fish that Secret Service is looking – that’s the kind of thinking that gets you caught. Safety First.

Now, a little bit of an unexpected – forget about vbv into the shops that are located somewhere close. Vbv, use cards and services of this region. Given the statistics, most of those who got caught were working around their country – I think that’s a good enough

reason not to do this. And finally, another point that is quite obvious, but nonetheless noteworthy: any parcels must be accepted on drops or shipping services. Your name shouldn’t be mentioned anywhere.

By simply following these simple rules, one can, to some extent, protect oneself from various undesirable consequences. So, think about what’s going to be harder to do, stick to them or have serious problem with law?

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