Carding. The newbie dictionary.

Carding. The newbie dictionary.

Carding The newbie dictionary In order to be able to learn new things constantly, you need to be able to read materials on this subject. But what to do if there are many incomprehensible words on carding forums and other platform? That’s right, to know the terminology. All the more so that in the carding theme there is a huge number of incomprehensible terms for philistine.

It is for this reason that this article will address the basic concepts necessary to initiate work in this field. All right, let’s get started.

Carding. The newbie dictionary.
Carding. The newbie dictionary.


Carding. Accounts and credit cards fraud. It has several subcategories discussed in the previous article.

CC (plastic, credit card) – bank cards and their data. It can be obtained in different ways, the main way for newbies is to buy on carding forums.

Cardholder. The real owner of the card you operate with.

Material. A dataset that includes all information about the cс and the cardholder – from first name and surname to date of birth and various documents related to the owner.

Vbiv. Order things from online shops on carded cards.

Shop. Store.

Stuff. Things obtained through VBV.

Buyer. The man who buys the stuff to resell it later.

Drop. The man whose data you order things for.

What kinds of drops are there? 1. Drops who know what they are doing, and what they risk, receiving the appropriate payment for it, or a percentage of the scam. Pros: The ability to explain everything without further imagination. That is, don’t need to invent legends and waste time on deception. This type of drops knows what he is doing.

2. Drops who are unaware of the true purpose of their use. He is told one thing, and in fact another is being done. For example, you ask a taxi driver to hand over a package of documents to your person at the other end of the city, and in fact there are also drugs in the package of documents. So the taxi driver becomes a drug-carrying drop. Pros: Cheapness. Such a drop requires a minimum payment, or doesn’t require it at all.


Dropper. The drop curator, the person who manages their activities. Sometimes they work in pairs with the buyer, which greatly simplifies the whole scheme.

Chargeback. An attempt by the cardholder to return the money by filing a complaint to the store where his money was spent.

Refund. Your complaint is that the goods haven’t been delivered. As a result, the shop either returns the money or resends the goods.

Dump. Information with a magnetic tape of plastic, allowing to create a solvent copy.


This dictionary represents the minimum necessary for understanding. Naturally, in forums and boards you’ll encounter other terms or acronyms, but they’ll always be available on the Internet. Like any other ever-evolving area, carding is constantly replenished with new terms, often depending on the location.

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