Cashout gatway method

Cashout Gateway method

Cashout Gateway method

Hello everyone, today I’m going to share a cashout experience with Stripe, I’m not going to call it a method because most of the time the methods do not work,
to get lots of money we need to act 99% as an honest person. Today I’ll tell you how we did 90k for 6 days on Stripe.
Cashout Gateway method
The first thing you need to understand is that there is no easy way to make money, and if you started cards to make easy money or get rich without effort, this will not happen.1 The first step we took to cash out at a payment gateway was to find what we call a mule, a mule is someone who lends his name to start operations, after we found that person the first thing we did was open a non-profit institution.
2nd We then open an account with a bank on behalf of the institution.
To understand better just to do these 2 things we take more than a month.
Another thing that is important is we only chose Stripe by chance could be any other like Worldpay, less Paypal because doing this in Paypal sucks.

3º Later I bought a domain with the same name of the institution.
4º Here I myself sent an email to Stripe on behalf of our institution a professional email, and a partner came to call 2 times to take some doubts.
Our plan was to use Stripe to get some donations to build our space and they believed it.
5º We created an account in Stripe we did the entire verification process so that we can only join Stripe’s API on our website and start receiving the donations
6 Remembering that our website was very professional not to raise suspicion because to do these things and I need to act as if everything was true.
7th After that we made some donations with virtual cards so that we did not have a chargeback, because if there was a reversal then the whole plan went to waste, so we used Real Virtual Credit Card and donated to our institution 2k and Stripe got 2 , 9% of this value.
9th Then we started our carder process and my partner made a 10k donation and as we expected it went well, we made 30k a day with only 3 10k credit cards on each card.
10th To withdraw the money we send it to the institution’s account and we divide the profits.
11º The first dispute occurred 8 days later and we still had 60k in Stripe the money was blocked for 90 days and gradually began to get complaints from the banks.
12 To close I want to say that our plan could have gone wrong because this sometimes happens, so we must be prepared.
13 Another important thing is that this kind of thing can not become routine because if this happens you will end up in jail with all your confiscated assets and need to remember that you are not invisible and if you steal a lot of money you start to leave traces. In Brazil 99% of the carders when going to jail because they think that nobody will reach them and they begin to have a life of luxury boasting on Facebook.
14th The more people involved in the hit, the more likely you are to be trapped, so if you are able to do it alone better yet it is more difficult.
15º To finish I must talk about the CC we use Visa.

About security measures.

Basic1st VPN
2nd RDP
3rd SOCKS 5
4ºUser Agent / Finger Print Spoofing Tools / Fraudfox / Antidetect


Remind friends to succeed as a carder, you have to be willing to assume someone else’s identity, sometimes you have to pick up the phone and call to prove that you really own the CVV

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